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5 secrets of profitable shopping at Costco

Costco is a well-known wholesale shopping network that many Americans visit. But even regular members of the club of this network and frequent customers in its stores may not know all the secrets that allow you to significantly save money.

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Edition Fox News gathered 5 tips on how to profitably make purchases in Costco.

Price Tag Secrets

Price tags Costco contain a secret code indicating the quality and condition of the goods. For most products, the price ends on 9 (for example, 2,99 or 2,49 dollars). This is a standard price. Costco. If you see prices ending in 00 or 88, this means that the product is sold at a special price. Such price tags are assigned to goods that have been returned by other customers or have damaged packaging. Therefore, before the acquisition should carefully inspect the goods.

If the price on the price tag ends on 97, this indicates that the product has been discounted at least once, which means that the purchase will be more profitable.

The code for the completion of the purchase of goods and the date of the final markdown

If you see an asterisk in the upper right corner of the price tag, this means that the store will no longer order this product, for seasonal products this may mean that they will not be purchased by the network until next year.

In addition, watch for the date, which sometimes appears in small print under the last digit of the price. This date is the extreme markdown time. It will tell you whether to buy the product now or wait for the next markdown. But keep in mind that popular products are quickly dismantled and sometimes they can end even before the final markdown.

Choose Kirkland wisely

Store brand Costco kirkland It boasts high quality at an affordable price. But this is not always the best choice, since the range of products produced by this brand is too wide, and the quality of some of them leaves much to be desired. Trademark Kirkland offers quality bacon and maple syrup, but coffee machines Kirkland and means for dishwashers it is better to choose another brand.

Listen to the bell

If you hear the bell ringing in a department store CostcoThis means that a new batch of grilled chicken has been prepared. AT Costco This dish tends to sell out very quickly, so the bell can really help those who want to buy chicken.

Pay attention to the location of the goods

Almost always the best quotes are in the middle of the store, away from the entrances. This is calculated on the fact that many buyers will take the product they need right next to the entrance and will not look for cheaper options in the depths of the room.

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