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5 reasons why stores in the US are better than in Russia: an immigrant opinion

America is a country of consumption. It is not surprising that the infrastructure of the local shopping centers, supermarkets and shops is much better built than in Russia. Channel Author "Trips on the shelves" on "Yandex.Zen" She shared her view on exactly what American stores are superior to Russian.

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Large packaging

When I first came to an American store, I was shocked by the size of bottles of soda, packets of chips, packages of toilet paper, detergent and other kinds of containers. Well, straight XXL! And this, I must say, is very convenient: you do not have to run to the store several times a week for your favorite snack. And packs of beer of 6, 12 and even 24 pieces are just a fairy tale!

Cheaper by the Dozen

And mass consumer products in the United States are several times cheaper than ours - a strong economy is affecting. But even low prices in American stores can be made even lower, you just have to buy a few packages of one product! At the same time, very good wholesale discounts and offers apply. Indeed, in this country everything is aimed at making consumers buy even more.


In American stores, there are special employees who are involved in the packaging of goods. They stand at the edge of the moving belt, collect your products and lay them in bags. It is really convenient when you are buying for several weeks and you have a bunch of products. How nice it is when after payment you can just pick up the full packages! And do not collect purchases at a frantic pace, so as not to delay the queue.

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Free packages

Since we are talking about packers, here is another feature of American stores: free packages! My world literally collapsed when I realized that packages in stores can give for free. Sellers do not ask if you need a package, they just give it. Depending on the policy of the store, you will be provided with either a plastic or paper bag. That is why the Americans, unlike us, do not store a bag with bags at home - they simply do not need it.

Toilet in the store

I still could not understand why in Russian stores still do not make rooms for public toilets. Aw, 2020 is in the yard! It is time to create a more convenient infrastructure for people. In the US, the toilet in the storehouse is taken for granted. It even seems to me that not having a restroom in an American institution is illegal. Well, of course, all the toilets there are free. I believe that taking money from people for “peeing” is real barbarism.

We, alas, have no toilets either in shops or in the subway. It's a shame for the homeland ...

Original column published on the blog. "Trips on the shelves" on "Yandex.Zen"

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One striking example of a quality and comfortable store in the USA is Seven Seas Smokehouse in the center of Glendale (California). There is a variety of sturgeon caviar, smoked salmon, sturgeon, balyk, beluga, captain (butter), pink salmon, mackerel, as well as a huge number of delicacies from different parts of the world: Iberico jamon from Spain, various teas (even the favorite tea of ​​the Queen of Great Britain Fortnum & Mason ), a large number of delicacies with truffles, pasta from Dolce & Gabbana, as well as exclusive meat products, including venison, wild boar, Spanish pork, wagyu steak (marbled meat), etc.

You can read about the benefits of these products. here.


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