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5 classic traps when buying a car from a car dealer

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To date, buy a car at a fair price has become much easier. The buyer can always check the range of prices for the car on the Internet and make a decision about the purchase. But dealers still have hooks that should force the buyer to make a deal that is not the most profitable for him.

As Phillip Reed writes for USA Today, dealers often try to catch a buyer on a purchase agreement and then skillfully use his word. So, for example, you first agreed to buy a car, and then changed your mind. What the seller can tell you: “But you said that you are ready to buy a car today if I offer you more favorable conditions. So what's the deal?".

The author often encountered similar verbal gambits and revealed 5 classic traps that car dealers set up.

1. “What would be the monthly payment, considering your budget?”

This question looks like the dealer wants to help you save your budget. But in fact - this is the gold standard of oratory. As soon as you name the amounts, you lose control of the negotiations. Let's say you want to buy a car worth $ 27 695. Now, quickly call the amount of the monthly payment, after adding fees, taxes, registration costs, deduct the down payment and divide by 60 months.

Without a calculator, it is very difficult to calculate what monthly payment you could afford, and how much you actually pay for the car. To avoid this trap, obtain prior consent for a car loan. Then you can say, “I’m buying for cash, so let's just talk about the price of the car.” You will still be able to choose dealer financing if you are offered a favorable interest rate. Tell the dealer that you want to discuss the cost of the car first, and then you will tell the financial information if you can negotiate a price.

2. “Aside from the price, is there any other reason why you don’t want to buy this car?”

Perhaps you have many reasons to refuse this deal, but you told the dealer that the car was too expensive and started to leave. The seller will use this question to prevent you from leaving and returning to the negotiation process.

How to answer this question? Be confident in your care and can answer something like this: “Honestly, I’m not sure that this car suits me. I'm going to look at other options before making a decision. ”

3. "Before?"

This question may arise at different stages of negotiations. For example, you made an introductory offer of $ 23 000. The seller may say: “Before?” Expecting you to say: “Well, I could raise to $ 23 700”. After this answer, there is a chance that the offer will increase in price by a few more hundred dollars.

To answer this question, you need to remain confident and adamant about your price. Negotiation experts say that it is best to express your proposal, to cross your arms and close your mouth.

4. “How long do you plan to use this car?”

Most likely you will be asked this question at the time of drawing up the contract of sale. If you answer: "I use the machine until the wheels fall off," then you are likely to be offered to buy an extended warranty.

Most vehicles have a three year warranty. If you do not plan to spend on an extended warranty, then you should respond in the following way: “I have not decided yet” or “I sell my cars in about 3 use years”.

5. “What insurance plan would you like to buy: silver, gold or platinum?”

Most people, answering this question, simply choose one of the options. However, these plans may have options at too high prices, or useless. If you are not familiar with what is included in the proposed plans, you can answer: "I do not want to make out any of these plans."

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