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Medical tourism for animals: how much does it cost to treat pets in Mexico

If you have a dog, you know very well that if she gets sick, then in the US her treatment can cost a pretty penny. Hospitalizations, blood tests, X-rays, ultrasounds, intravenous medications, multiple consultations, emergency care - the bill will run into thousands of dollars. In Mexico, affordable medical services are available not only for people, but also veterinary care for your pets. International Living.

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The veterinarian found a heart murmur in the dog of Jason Holland, editor of IL's Roving Latin America, who moved from Florida to Mexico 5 years ago. The doctor recommended a more extensive examination of the pet.

Bed rest

The recommended course of action included blood work, X-rays and ECGs, and consultation with a cardiologist. The owner of the dog did not hesitate. They donated blood, did an X-ray, did an ECG right in the office. “This 12-year-old patient has had enough doctor visits to get used to being poked with needles, but I could have sworn our old dog was looking at me with accusatory eyes,” Jason says.

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He and a dog named Teni were sent home with instructions that the patient must remain calm and that test results and a diagnosis from a specialist would be ready within a few days. The good news for Jason was that the blood work was normal, the x-ray was fine, and the noise wasn't too bad. He was advised to limit the dog's activity and reduce walks in the park.

“It was also good for Shadow, our growing little silver gray pup, who these days prefers to lounge in his comfy bed or on someone's lap than to run,” says Jason.

The final bill for tests (that's blood, x-rays and ECG), a visit to the veterinarian and a consultation with a veterinary cardiologist was $175, Jason says.

“Here in Mexico, veterinary care is good and affordable, from visits to the vet to medication. In the US, you can't leave the vet's office without spending a few hundred dollars. When there's a potentially serious issue like The Shadow's, well... I really can't imagine how much it would all cost,” Jason says. “I found information on the Internet that a similar cardiac examination would cost between $800 and $1000.”

Patient number two

“But our dog, Jester, the standard poodle, is a different story. Earlier that year, he contracted a mysterious illness that overtook him in just a few hours, Jason says. - Jester became extremely lethargic, he lost his appetite. He was usually cheerful and ready to play even at the age of 13. But then he could hardly move or lift his head.”

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The whole family was worried. Jason's two sons wept over a beloved family member they grew up with. Jason and his wife tried to prepare them for the worst.

Of course, the couple took the dog to the vet. Despite the crowded waiting room, they were immediately seen and received without a queue. The veterinarian recommended a course of intravenous antibiotics at the surgery hospital during the day, and in the evening he could be taken home. After a few days of this treatment, the medicine began to work, and Jester returned to his former state.

The total cost of three days of hospital treatment, a few vet check-ups, and medication came out to only about $200, Jason says.

“They didn’t actually charge us for some of the vet visits and the doctor called us several times in the evening to see how things were going – I have our vet’s cell phone number,” says Jason.

As a result, many cash-strapped pet owners have to pile on loans, save up, or make the difficult decision to euthanize their beloved pet because they can't afford expensive medical treatment. In Mexico, you don't have to worry about that, Jason says.

Christmas accident

“We found ourselves in that position a few years ago, again with Jester. We returned to Florida for a family visit during the Christmas holidays and brought our dogs with us,” says Jason. “Suddenly, Jester was in a lot of pain, so we rushed to the nearest veterinarian. The bladder stone was blocking the urethra and there were several more in the bladder itself.”

The veterinarian told the family that an urgent operation was needed or the dog would die. They agreed, of course.

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“But the $3000 bill was pretty painful. This is despite the fact that we asked the veterinarian (I confess, he was understanding and sympathetic) to reduce the price from $ 5000, ”says Jason.

It hurt even more, Jason admits, when they returned to Mexico a few weeks later and went to their regular veterinarian for a re-examination. “Fortunately, Jester was in good shape and on his way to a full recovery. When we told our vet the story of what happened and the final score, she gasped,” Jason says. “I hate to tell you this,” she said, “but if it happened here, I would charge you $700.”

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