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45 ways to make more money in 2017 year

No matter what your goal is to increase your income to pay bills, put more money into the future or just live better - there are many ways to earn extra income. Some of them are quite simple, others require effort. But all, ultimately, will bring income, if you try.

Resource GoBankingRates assembled 45 ways additional earnings in 2017 year.

  1. Ask the boss for a pay raise

If you want to earn more in 2017, start by asking for it. Data collected by the company Payscale, indicate that 75% of workers who discuss their salaries with management receive a salary increase. However, only half of the workers are asking for a promotion, another survey shows. So if you do not ask for more, you will not receive more.

To understand how much your services cost, go to one of the resources:, or State the argument for your boss why you deserve a higher salary based on your achievements and the value you bring to the company.

  1. Increase your salary yourself

This can be done by adjusting the amount that you give out. If you receive a large tax refund, you can adjust for tax withholding. If you get a large refund, it means that Uncle Sam uses your money throughout the year.

Instead of waiting for spring for tax refunds, fill out a new W-4 form, submit it to your employer and ask for lower taxes to withhold. The website has a tax calculator with which you can calculate how much benefits you ask for. Given that the average reimbursement amount in 2016 was $ 2 777, you can add approximately $ 230 to your salary each month.

  1. Recommend people to work in your company


You can earn a bonus from the company if you recommend potential employees for your employer's vacancies. About two-thirds of large employers confirm that they have a system of recommendations for hiring people.

“Ask your company if you have a bonus system for recommendations,” says Lisa Rowan, author of financial information at The Penny Hoarder. “For example, our employees receive $ 500 for a recommendation if a person is subsequently hired.”

  1. Go to an online bank account

Given the low interest rates on deposits, you will earn a little if you keep money in a savings account. If you still want to open such an account, then at least look for where the percentages are higher.

“Think about going to an online bank account. This is a combination of savings and current accounts with high interest rates, ”says Rowan. According to her, Synchrony Bank offers 1,05% per year for savings accounts, and Ally Bank offers 1% per year for current accounts, while the national average rate for savings accounts is 0,06%, for current accounts - 0,04%. On GoBankingRates you can also read about the best savings и current accounts.

  1. Return the money spent

Even daily purchases can be an opportunity to make money if you pay for them with a credit card with the option of a refund. If you are responsible for your credit obligations and pay off your credit card debts every month, you can take advantage of the card that gives you a percentage of the amount of money spent. As a rule, these are 1-2%, but some cards even offer 3% and higher, the website writes

You can also receive a refund of a part of the money for online purchases if you make them on the websites, and These sites cooperate with retailers and agree with them on the return of the money from the purchase of their cards. On average, percentages range from 4% to 10%, says Brent Shelton, a spokesman for According to him, most users of the service earn more than $ 100 per year, and many receive returns of thousands of dollars.

  1. Help your savings and investments earn more

If you work hard to save money for retirement, it is important to keep track of how much your investment commission rates are “eating up”. For example, if you pay 1% annually, then a portfolio worth $ 100 000 over 20 years will drop $ 30 000 more than a portfolio with an 0,25% rate, according to Securities and Exchange Commission. Therefore, check the statement on your pension plan - how much of your income goes to the commission. If your plan has several investment options with different commission rates, it makes sense to switch to a plan with lower fees to save your money.

  1. Become a member of focus groups.

In your free time, you can earn extra money by participating in focus groups for companies that conduct market research.

“It's a good way to make money sitting in the company of strangers and sharing impressions about something,” says Jim Wong, the creator of the personal finance blog. Wallet hacks. Wong collaborates with a local marketing company he found through For one of the meetings lasting 90 minutes he was paid $ 100.

Focus groups can be found through As a rule, one company invites the same person only for a few meetings a year, but you can collaborate with several marketing companies.

  1. Complete online surveys

If focus groups are not conducted in your area, there are other ways to earn money for expressing your opinion — for example, by completing online surveys.

“I somehow earned $ 500 overnight, sitting on the couch and filling in different polls,” says Loren Greutman, an expert on economical life and the author of the book “The Recovering Spender”.

Groitman says she was paid for surveys on sites like,, and Some of the sites offer not money, but gift certificates, but they can also be turned into dollars, making purchases with their help.

  1. Do market research

If you do not participate in marketing research and conduct them, you can earn even more. This is in case you have enough time for extra employment as an interviewer for marketing research.

“This is an entry level entry for a freelancer who helps collect data for research to various companies and clients,” said Bree Reynolds, Senior Employment Specialist at Flexjobs. - “You should be able to communicate by phone. For this job, you can schedule a part-time job and work remotely. ”

According to Reynolds, payment for market research starts at $ 10 / hour. If you work overtime, you will pay for it.

  1. Work as a website tester

It's a quick way to make money, says Wong. He recommends, where participants are paid to visit sites or applications and compile feedback on visits.

“For every 20 minute test, you get $ 10. You need a computer, a webcam and a microphone, ”says Wong. - “You will be asked to do something and voice your thoughts on this matter, about 10 minutes. Everything is very simple".

  1. Work as a "guinea pig"


By participating in clinical studies, you will not only make money, but also make a contribution to medical science. Payment depends on the type and duration of research, but there are very simple ones — for example, donating a blood sample, says Donna Friedman, author of the book Your Playbook for Tough Times.

Friedman says she found clinical research ads in student and independent newspapers, on bulletin boards at universities, and even on Craigslist. To find research in your area, check out, the website of the American National Institutes of Health. The site also describes what to expect during the passage of clinical studies.

  1. Sell ​​unwanted items

“One of the fastest ways to earn extra money is to rake up junk in your house and put it on sale online,” says Jay Mani, the creator of the sites и

His favorite place to sell unnecessary items is Craigslist. This site is easy to use and you don’t need to worry about shipping as you sell it to local customers.

“I publish at least one new lot per week - as a rule, on Friday, before the start of the weekend. The trick is to put the right price and take a lot of photos, as well as offer a detailed description, which will have many keywords to search for, ”he says.

Indicate that potential buyers can reach you via text message. This is how Jay Maney spends most of his sales.

  1. Sell ​​finds from thrift stores online

“You can also buy items at thrift stores and resell them online through eBay or Porshmark,” says Greitman. Her sister-in-law earns about $ 1 000 per month in this way. According to Greytman, it brings the girl not only additional income, but also pleasure. Once she bought Anthropologie for $ 3 at a local commission shop and sold it for $ 75 on eBay, and another time she found antiques at a garage sale and sold them on eBay with a surcharge.

  1. Turn books into money

Do not leave the books you read gather dust on the shelves. They can be turned into money by selling online, says Groitman. You can also buy cheap books on garage sales and sell them online more expensive.

Amazon has a program for exchanging used books for money. In addition, allows you to compare price quotes from various book buyers.

  1. Sell ​​used electronics

If you have a game console lying around that the children no longer use, an old mobile phone or tablet, or a computer that you no longer need, you can turn these things into money. Unnecessary electronics can be sold on sites such as and, which offer free shipping. There is another option to bring an old phone, tablet or MP3 player into one of 2 200 eco-ATM kiosks across the country and get money for them right on the spot.

  1. Cash Out Gift Certificates

If you have gift certificates that you will not use for sure, sell them. On gift certificate sales sites, you can earn up to 92% of their face value by selling electronically or sending them by mail for free. The most popular certificates are also indicated on the main page of this site - this will help you navigate what demand there is and make more money.

  1. Repair and sell old stuff

If you know how to repair old things, Friedman recommends that people watch. Some items can be repaired and sold.

“Sometimes people get rid of things in good condition because they’ve bought new ones, or they move and don’t want to carry everything around. Sometimes among such junk, you can find well-worth things, ”says Friedman.

She tells about her friend, who picked up a set of garden furniture among the garbage, cleaned it, put some pillows and published a photo on the Facebook page of garage sales of her city.

“It sold for $ 150 dollars almost immediately. The whole process took about half an hour. A good way to make money, ”shared Friedman.

  1. Create online content

If you like to write and are well versed in any issue, you can earn a good deal by creating online content as a freelancer. What is already there, you can do it all the time, says Holly Johnson, freelancer, author and creator of the Club Thrifty blog.

“Almost every company has a website, and many hire freelancers to create content for their blogs,” she says. - “Having learned to create publications that“ cling ”, you can earn from $ 50 to $ 500 for one”.

According to Johnson, she has been creating content for money from 2011, from 2013, to full-time.

“Despite the fact that I work on a flexible schedule, I earn much more than I earned on my daily work,” she says. To begin with, recommends Johnson, you need to create a portfolio of your online work, and also indicate that you are a freelancer in your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Start blogging

“A blog is a good way to make money,” says Wong.

You can use free blogging software on sites such as, become a member of the Google AdSense program and earn advertisements on your blog. In addition, you can join the Amazon Associates program and earn up to 10% of advertising commissions by promoting products on your blog.

But for this you need to invest time in your blog. If you do not have such an opportunity, Wong recommends using it to showcase your portfolio.

“This is the fastest way to make money on a blog,” he says. To get new orders or even a job offer, simply post on your blog examples of what you know how to do and what you understand.

  1. Maintain company pages in social networks

If you need part-time or remote work, you can earn money as a social network manager. This is a professional position, so you should have a bachelor's degree, marketing or communications experience and at least a year of experience with social networks, Reynolds says. Such work is paid within $ 10- $ 29 per hour. Look for jobs at

  1. Earn on "Photoshop"


If you have experience using photo processing software and design work, you can take a part-time job as a photoshop freelancer, says Reynolds. For example, on the same site there are vacancies for people who know “photoshop” to create concept boards. According to Reynolds, such work is paid within $ 10- $ 26 per hour.

  1. Earn on the love of computer games

If you like to play video or computer games, you can capitalize on your hobby by working as a customer service representative for a gaming company. Payment ranges from $ 10- $ 20 per hour.

“People who are passionate about gaming and technology are hired for such positions. They provide customer support to gamers and answer questions about products and services, ”Reynolds says. - "As a rule, it is remote and part-time employment, temporary or seasonal."

  1. Earn by doing research

“People who like to do research and are passionate about learning something new may like the option of partial and remote employment as a business researcher,” Reynolds says. - "Researchers receive a request for information from different fields and money for conducting these small studies." At they pay $ 10- $ 25 for a project.

  1. Make money as a tutor

“Private lessons are a job for people who love learning and want to work flexibly,” Reynolds says. The fee for this type of activity is $ 10- $ 40 for online education for students of different ages on According to the expert, it is advisable to have a preliminary tutoring experience. You can also search for job ads on and, or post a sentence of private lessons on message boards in your community, school or university.

  1. Make some money by courier

Additional income can be earned by working as a courier for Postmates. This on-demand delivery service works in 44 large metropolitan cities and connects couriers and consumers who want to get food from a restaurant or merchandise from a local store right at home.

Almost 40 000 couriers work in this service - they are delivered by cars, bicycles, scooters or on foot, earning up to $ 25 / hour (this is at rush hours during dinner or lunch, plus tips), says April Conyers communications in Postmates. Tariff depends on time and distance. To become a courier, register on and start shipping orders right now, Conyers says.

  1. Deliver goods from point to point along your route

You can use daily trips to work or any other trip as a chance to earn money if you become a roadie driver, point-to-point delivery service.

“This service connects people who need to send something somewhere with drivers who are driving in that direction,” says Mark Gorlin, founder and CEO of Roadie. In fact, you are paid for the delivery of parcels along the route that you are already following. The service works in all 50 states.

For local delivery, you can earn from $ 8 to $ 50, and for delivery over long distances or for oversized cargo you can receive up to $ 650, says Gorlin. For the transport of pets pay more. In addition, you can pick up several deliveries at the same time - how many will fit into your car.

To participate in the Roadie service, you must be older than 18 years, have a valid driver's license and insurance for the car. To get started, fill out an application through the Roadie app, go through data verification and online briefing.

  1. Work as a driver for Lyft or Uber

In his spare time, he can work as a driver for Lyft or Uber. Some Lyft drivers get over $ 800 over the weekend.

Both companies constantly hire drivers that meet their requirements. You must be older than 21 of the year, have a valid driver's license, vehicle on four doors, have insurance for the car and go through the selection process. In different areas there are also separate requirements for the car.

  1. Help others virtually

“The niche of virtual assistants is growing by leaps and bounds,” says Friedman. This work allows you to receive money, working from home and helping others to do what they cannot or do not want to do themselves. As a rule, this occupation requires care and organizational skills, she says.

Tasks for virtual assistants spread on Fancy Hands and Zirtual. Payment depends on the project. Fancy Hands Virtual Assistants get paid for each task they perform. The approximate cost of completing tasks is from $ 2,50- $ 7 and higher.

  1. Keep an eye on pets


If you love animals, you can earn extra income by taking care of other people's pets while they are at work or at rest. You can register on or to work as a nurse with your pets or to walk other people's dogs.

On these sites you set your own tariff for services and choose the schedule. According to, nurses earn about $ 1 000 per month or more.

  1. Look after children

If you love children, you can sit with them for money - it is easy and fun.

“When I was in college in Seattle, I was paid $ 10 per hour or even more for sitting with the children. It also happened that they went to bed about an hour after my arrival. That is, in fact, I was paid for my studies, ”says Friedman.

The average nanny rate, according to, is $ 15. It depends on the city, nanny experience and the number of children you need to look after. On the same site you can register as a nanny and look for those who need such services. You can also write an ad on Facebook that you are ready to look after other people's children.

  1. Keep an eye on the house

An easy way to earn extra money is to keep an eye on the house while its owners are away.

“You will need to either live in this house, or come to water the flowers, pick up the mail and create the impression that they live in the house,” says Friedman.

You can find a “nurse” at home on, or write that you are ready to provide such services on Facebook, Craigslist or local bulletin boards.

  1. Rent your house or room

Renting a room in a house or an entire home is a quick way to earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars, Friedman says. For example, if you travel frequently, you can put your home on or for renting out to other travelers for the period when you are not. If you have a spare room and you are ready to receive guests, even when you are at home, you can post it on

If you rent a house or part of it for no more than 14 days per year, you do not need to pay taxes on these incomes, Friedman says. Just hide valuables and documents in a safe or a closed office when you receive guests.

  1. Rent your parking space

If you live in a big city, where parking spaces are expensive or difficult to find, you can receive additional income from renting your parking space, if you have one. Friedman says that she once interviewed a woman from Chicago who parked her car on the street and leased her own parking space. According to this woman, the extra income she received was worth the trouble.

She also spoke about other people from Chicago who inherited a house with a garage for five cars. These owners rent the remaining four places to those who are looking for secure parking.

  1. Rent your car

If your car is often idle in the garage, while you use public transport or travel, earn it. You can set the car for rent on sites like Getaround or Turo. Getaround Guide claims that service users can earn up to $ 800 per month. Turo users - up to $ 720 per month. Calculations show that you can earn more than $ 6 500 per year if you rent a car with a market value of $ 20 000 for 15 days every month.

Each of the services offers up to $ 1 million of insurance coverage. Getaround charges 40% commission on rental income and works in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Chicago, Portland and Washington DC. Turo is in more than 4 500 cities and charges 15-35% commission on car rental income.

  1. Rent your stuff

It turns out that people are willing to pay for the temporary use of some of your things.

“On the Loanables and Zilok sites, you can find guys who need your BBQ grills, power tools, vehicles, official clothes, blender, folding stairs and much more,” Friedman says.

On the site you can put things that you rent, and specify the conditions, including the price. There is a comparative list of prices, so that you can navigate what it costs. Zilok also allows landlords to set their own prices for their belongings.

  1. Sell ​​crafts


If you like needlework, you can earn extra income from handmade items. Friedman says he knows people who sell their handicrafts in online markets like Etsy.

This service charges 20-percent product placement fees, 3.5% for sales, 3% for sales and 25 cents on top. Friedman recommends making a work plan in case your store becomes popular.

  1. Take care of someone else's lawns

You can earn extra income by mowing lawns, bushes, weeding beds and cleaning leaves, says Friedman. You can, for example, call your local lawn care company and find out how much they charge for services to determine their bid. Print a flyer with information about your services and their cost and distribute them in the next quarters.

  1. Become a mystery shopper

Despite the fact that the cases of fraud with the secret buyers have become frequent, this is a legitimate way to make money. Fraudsters usually ask for payment, but real offers (they are found on and are a fun way to make money by serving in a store or restaurant and talking about their impressions, says Friedman.

According to the former Association of Mystery Shoppers, the organization MSPA North America, secret buyers go to certain stores, act as customers, and then fill out questionnaires. For this, you can get from $ 8 to $ 20.

  1. Earn an extra $ 5 or more on Fiverr

If you can offer any services - for example, graphic design or resume writing - you can put them on the site When launching the site, the main requirement was not to raise the rate for services higher than $ 5, but now you can ask for more. Registration is free, and you keep yourself 80% of the earned amount for services.

At first glance, there are small earning opportunities here, but Friedman says that he knows people who live solely on money earned through Fiverr.

  1. Share your knowledge online

If you have special skills — for example, you know how to cook or make crafts — you can earn online lessons by teaching people to do what they can. For example, on you can upload short videos and give lessons. You get paid once a month for each student who watched your classes. On average, earnings are $ 3 000 per year, but the coolest teachers receive up to $ 40 000, according to the service.

  1. Let's take lessons

You can teach people the old-fashioned way - in personal classes - if you play any instrument, speak a foreign language fluently, are a certified instructor in yoga or fitness, or can share other experience with people.

Check out the Craigslist website for how much the same classes now cost in your city. There you can also publish an advertisement about your services for free.

  1. Provide home services

You can earn extra income by providing household services to people — doing the cleaning, collecting furniture, doing minor repairs, or performing other household tasks. To do this, simply register on the site Download the app and you will receive notifications about the tasks in your area. You can choose those that interest you and agree with the client about the rate of payment.

  1. Become a brand ambassador or event marketer

If you are ready to distribute flyers on the street, walk in a mascot costume of any company or in other ways to promote it, you can receive additional income as a brand ambassador. You can also become part of a marketing team conducting events for companies.

To get started, register on the talent website or some recruiting agency that hosts the event. For example, Street Team Promotion or Across the Nation. You will receive job alerts in your area. Recent recruitment announcements on the Across the Nation Facebook page offered $ 15- $ 20 per hour.

  1. Become an online juror

Most of us hope that he will never be called upon to serve the jury. However, by serving as an online juror, you can earn extra income. Many lawyers use the services of unrealistic jurors and focus groups to prepare for court sessions. They present you the facts of the case, and you answer the questions. You can register on and if you are 18, and you are a US citizen. pays from $ 20 to $ 60 for each case, and pays from $ 5 to $ 10. Please note that you can only handle cases in the county or federal district of your residence.

  1. Conduct tours


If you know a lot about the city in which you live, about its architecture or art, you can earn extra money as a tour guide, for example, by registering on

You yourself make your schedule and offer tourists what you want - for example, a tour of the street art of the city or a tour of the pubs. Payment is usually received within 24 hours after the tour.

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