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Secrets that cruise companies will not tell you

The more you travel, the more lifehacks and secrets you will learn, the more opportunities you get in order to save money and better spend time on board a cruise ship. Here are the tricks that cruise companies won't tell you about.

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The tips are not only suitable for the novice traveler - even if you often go on cruises, it is quite possible that you can find in these recommendations what you did not know about. USA Today.

Food on a cruise

Unlimited main meals: in the main dining room you are not limited to one type of each snack, aperitif or dessert. If you decide to order two dishes or three desserts, you can do it, as well as try several snacks or more treats of the same kind. A great way to discover new products that you are not sure about (for example, snails).

Cheap or free room service: room service is usually free, with the exception of fees on certain lines. Late orders at Celebrity cost 4,95 dollars, all orders at Royal Caribbean (except continental breakfast) and Norwegian (except for morning coffee, continental breakfast and orders from passengers in the Haven Suite) cost 7,95 dollars. Meanwhile, Carnival and Holland America offer a paid menu of room service in addition to free ones. It is recommended to tip those who delivered food.

Breakfast options: for your morning meal, you may have more options than the buffet and main dining room. Norwegian O'Seehan's offers delicious custom-made omelets and corned beef, but many travelers still don't know it. BlueIguana Cantina at Carnival, Johnny Rockets and El Loco Fresh at Royal Caribbean (on Oasis class ships) are also good options.

Special dishes on the first night: most people dine in the main dining room or buffet on the first evening of the cruise, and many have not yet discovered special restaurants. If you book an alternative place for dinner, you can get a discount on some lines (for example, Celebrity) or it will be easier for you to book a room in a popular place. Passengers of the Carnival Cruise Line, who dine at the steakhouse on the first night, receive a free bottle of wine.

Complimentary snacks: special coffee in the coffee shops on board is available at an additional cost, but pastries, sandwiches and other products in these establishments are often free. Although some foods (for example, strawberries in chocolate) will cost money, this does not apply to all small snacks. Just ask!

Free ice cream: cruise lines charge a fee for signature treats such as Ben & Jerry's and gelato. However, there is often a free version - soft ice cream machines and refrigerators. Experienced travelers say that at Cruise Critic, ice cream in cars on different decks can taste different.

Dinner on the day of landing: most people go straight to the buffet to eat and wait for the cabins to open. This is a lot of people! Many cruise ships have alternative venues, such as the main dining room or the mini-buffet on the solarium terrace or atrium. Ask a member of the crew or check the mailing list for a calm and comfortable place.

Look in the menu: Don't know what evening to order special dinners? The main dining menus are scheduled for the week, and at the reception there is often access to these menus. Ask to look to think about your schedule on this cruise.

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Drinks on a cruise

Open containers: On board there is no "open drink" rule. You can bring drinks from the bar or buffet to your cabin or other place on the ship, and no one will mind (this also applies to food).

Reserve wine: It is often cheaper to buy a bottle of wine than a few glasses. But what will you do if you do not finish the bottle? Cruise liners waiters can mark the bottle with your cabin number and save it for the night and even for dinner elsewhere on board (beware of traffic jams in the restaurant if you bring your own wine).

Beer Buckets: groups of beer lovers can save money by ordering a drink in buckets. You get four or five beers in a souvenir bucket at a price slightly lower than when ordered in individual bottles.

Saving on soda: on most lines soda is not free, but there is usually iced tea in the dining room. Save on soda by buying a soda card and you can get drinks without restrictions.

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Restrictions on alcohol: most cruise lines prohibit passengers from bringing beer and liquor with them, but they allow you to take one or two bottles of wine or champagne. Some lines (for example, Holland America and Princess) also allow you to bring a sufficient amount of soft drinks, which helps to save on expensive sparkling and bottled water on board. Passengers of Royal Caribbean and Norwegian are forbidden to bring any soft drinks on board, Carnival allows a limited amount of soda and juice if the drinks are in cans or cardboard boxes (without glass containers or plastic bottles).

Benefits on souvenir cups: You can recharge souvenir points at a discount or ask for a drink of the day in a regular glass or mug to save money. Keep track of the daily program of special drinks or happy hours.

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Cabins on a cruise ship

They are magnetic: most cabins are made of metal, so magnets are held on to them. Take a few magnets with you (or buy them as souvenirs), and you can store all invitations to a cocktail, alternative notices about booking tables and daily schedules, securing them directly to the walls or doors.

Instead of a night lamp: there is no natural light inside the cabins. Absolutely. Turn on your TV and set it to an outdoor camera, turn off the sound and voila! - you have night lights and a way to see if the sun has risen.

Spa tricks: Spa cabins can be a reasonable financial solution for avid lovers of such procedures. For example, the Carnival's Cloud 9 Spa balcony cabins include access to the thalassotherapy pool, steam room and sauna. The extra amount you pay for the cabin (above the regular room on the balcony) is often less than what you would pay for the spa cruise ticket.

Limited number of outlets: Most people think that there are too few outlets on liners, especially considering how much equipment we carry with us. And only the newest ships have USB ports. You can bring your own charging station or extension cord (check if it is allowed on your cruise line) or ask your steward. By the way, sometimes behind the TV or under the bed hides an additional outlet.

Bed linen on request: If you are picky about the cleanliness of bed linen, some lines, on request, provide you with mattress covers, upper sheets and alternative pillow types. Feel free to ask both before and during the cruise.

Hidden storage: Cabin designers are adept at creating maximum storage space. Explore the cabin or ask the steward to tell you what and where you can fold. You may find additional storage space under the bed or sofa, inside the pouf or behind the mirror.

Help with seasickness: if you feel nauseous, green apples or soft crackers may bring you to the cabin (crews claim this helps), and you can often be given free medicine for seasickness.

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Best entertainment

Life hacking for a casino: If you often visit a casino, you can make a hole on your number card and issue a free cord so that you do not forget the card in the slot machines.

Bonus Internet: Many lines offer free minutes if you register for an Internet package on the first day of the cruise.

Discounts on spa treatments on the first day: Cruise ship spas often offer discounts on treatments on the first day and the day they call at the port. Visit the spa or look at the newsletters to find out about the offers.

Repeat views: If something happens at the same time as your massage, do not worry. Performances and shows with the audience are often broadcast on the channel in your room. You can still catch the record if you miss the concert.

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Free spa showers: free use of showers, saunas and hydromassage rooms that are not part of the trendy thermal suites. Spa showers often mean access to cleaner towels, deluxe toiletries, and larger showers - and prevent fights over who gets to the bathroom first. Using the free sauna is another great way to spend your time profitably.

Last minute ticket: If you want to see one of the high-profile shows on Royal Caribbean or Norwegian (for example, “Mamma Mia” or “Rock of Ages”), but the tickets are sold out, don't worry. Many book free tickets, but do not come, so if you stand in a queue before the start of the session, the ship’s personnel will miss you if available.

Cruise Line Secrets

Celebrity's Sweet Treats: Celebrity bonus includes delicious ice cream (free of charge), cooked on a ship and served in a buffet format, as well as waffles to order with a choice of toppings. You can also order a cup of candy filling without ice cream, if you like such delicacies.

Cheap lunch at HAL: in Holland America, lunch at the Pinnacle Grill is paid at a discount of 10 dollars, and the Explorer Lounge serves free chocolate truffles every evening.

Coffee at Royal Caribbean: Royal Caribbean's Promenade Café offers high quality coffee - not Starbuck, but orders of magnitude higher than what you find in the buffet - and is completely free.

Best sea view: The North Star on Royal Caribbean Quantum ships offers amazing views at any time, but the best on days at sea. This is because the closed glass capsule, which can rise up to 300 feet (over 90 meters) above sea level, is often not used while in port.

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