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27 things you should not buy at Walmart

While Walmart claims to save families around $ 2500 a year, that doesn't mean it's worth buying everything you need from the store. Like many other major retailers, this supermarket sells everything from drones to diapers, but some items are still not worth buying from Walmart. Writes about it Best life online.

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1. TVs

While Walmart does sell discounted HDTVs, these offerings sometimes only exist because the quality of their product matches the price. “Walmart HDTVs are selling at low prices because they are lower quality versions than those sold elsewhere,” explained Laurie McDaniel, senior content manager at "You can get higher quality at lower prices at a warehouse store like Costco."

2. Prepaid tariff plan

When Tom's Guide tested nine telephone operators in 2017, they spent a lot of time discussing which operator would come out on top. However, one thing was always clear: the one who finished last. It was Straight Talk Wireless, a prepaid phone plan offered by Walmart.

3. Phone Accessories

Believe it or not, big chains like Walmart often "overpriced technical accessories," said David Dritsas of Deals of Brad. It rarely happens that a phone case is cheaper at a reputable store than at an online store like Amazon. So it is worth checking various sites before making a purchase.

4. Equipment

There's a reason Walmart isn't famous for selling refrigerators and washing machines. Not only does the store offer a small selection of household appliances, but its prices can hardly be called democratic.

5. Vacuum cleaners

While other retailers have a wide range of products and good prices, Walmart has a small selection of items that are unreasonably expensive - vacuum cleaners among them.

6. Suitcases

It's important to invest in high quality luggage so that your suitcase doesn't fall apart in the middle of your trip. Unfortunately, this is far from what you can expect if you buy a suitcase at Walmart.

7. Wooden furniture

“Walmart has relatively cheap wood furniture, but that's because it's inferior in quality to other furniture retailers,” said Carson Yarbrough, savings specialist at "Wood furniture from Walmart is more likely to break or deteriorate faster, so buy elsewhere to save money and avoid having to replace it in two months."

8. Gift cards

From time to time (like Black Friday or end of season sales) Walmart will make great gift card deals to look out for. But to be honest, you will find the best savings on gift cards from stores like Costco or Sam's Club.

9. Batteries

When you need batteries, contact Costco, not Walmart. When Consumer Reports tested 15 brands of AA batteries, they found Costco Kirkland Signature AA alkaline batteries to be the most effective. They weren't that different from those tested by Energizer and Duracell.

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10. Meat and fish

Walmart shoppers have a lot to say about the grocery section of the store, and most of their comments are not good. When Consumer Reports surveyed over 50 people about their shopping habits and preferences in 000, they found that Walmart was "the most popular grocery supplier" and that "about 2017% of Walmart shoppers had at least one store complaint." ... Among the most common complaints are the quality of meat and fish.

11. Fresh products

Given that Walmart customers do not really like talking about the poultry and meat departments of the store, it is not surprising that the food department is not too respected either. According to a survey conducted by Consumer Reports, Walmart and Target took last places in the ranking of stores for the purchase of products. Both received terrible marks for the quality and variety of products offered.

12. Unverified Content Supplements

If you buy nutritional supplements at Walmart, make sure you choose quality ones. In 2015, the New York State Attorney General's Office released a statement that several major retailers (including Walmart) were selling herbal supplement products that “could not be screened for the labeled substance, or were found to contain ingredients not listed on labels ”.

13. РћСЂРіР ° РЅРёС ‡ еское РјРѕР »РѕРєРѕ

According to The Washington Post, in-store Walmart branded milk cannot be organic. When reporters took a trip to Aurora Organic Dairy, a farm that supplies organic milk for Walmart in 2017, they found that "there were very few signs of grazing" and "definitely no more than 10% of the herd is grass-fed."

14. Maple syrup

Walmart's all-purpose syrup isn't bad. On the contrary, Consumer Reports, when reviewing a variety of store-bought syrups, rated this Great Value pure maple syrup as "good / very good."

But just because Walmart Sweet Syrup is good doesn't mean you can't buy better. Consumer Reports recommends buying maple syrup from Trader Joe's and Costco.

15. Disposable tableware

Since you are going to throw away these forks and knives after using, it does not make sense to spend money on them.

16. Diapers

For brand name diapers, contact Amazon Family. The subscription service, available exclusively to Amazon Prime members, offers up to 20% discounts on baby items such as diapers and baby food. Even discounted supermarkets like Walmart can't match such big discounts.

17. Toys

While Walmart's selection of toys is impressive, prices are a different story. When Kiplinger compared in-store toy prices to several similar retailers in 2019, they found that Amazon consistently offered the best prices for the same items.

18. Video games

For the most part, you will find better prices for video games on Amazon than on Walmart. On a GameSpot bulletin board on this subject, @shawnmck said: “Amazon sells more games than Walmart, so they can afford to offer a more substantial discount.”

19. Books and music

In the entertainment department, Amazon again prevails over Walmart as the cheapest retailer. Erin Conrad, a spokeswoman for, told MarketWatch that entertainment such as books, music or television show boxes are generally cheaper on Amazon.

20. Magazines

If you still prefer to keep the news in your hands, consider subscribing to your favorite magazine so you don’t buy it in a Walmart type store. According to a MagNet study in 2016, monthly magazines offer an average of 63% subscription cheaper than buying them in a store. This discount cannot be surpassed.

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21. Wrapping paper

Any wrapping paper you find at Walmart will be of the same quality as items sold in a dollar store. But in other stores it will be cheaper.

22. Greeting Cards

It's not worth spending a lot of money on a birthday card because the words inside matter more than the price of the card. Your best bet is to just buy postcards from a dollar store and sign them yourself.

23. Decorations

Don't buy jewelry at Walmart. Although the prices are tempting, the quality of these products leaves much to be desired.

24. Pet food

If you only want one bag of pet food, then you can buy one at Walmart. But if you buy pet food on a regular basis, there are several subscription services to help you save even more. For example, if you set up automatic purchases on Amazon, you can save between 5% and 10% per package.

25. Bedding

Since you spend 6 to 8 hours a day in your bed, you will not want to buy low-quality underwear. And while Walmart's prices are tempting, "the price for quality is not very good," said Andrea Vorokh, a consumer savings expert. Cheap and comfy bedding can be found in the sale section of Macy's.

26. Photo printing services

At Walmart, you can print 4x6 photos for as little as $ 0,25 per print (or $ 0,19 if you want more than 75 photos). It's a good price, but you can do better. For example, download the Shutterfly app and print unlimited photos for free.

27. High quality electronics

Electronics experts advise against buying expensive electronic products from Walmart. “Walmart is known as a retailer, not a consumer electronics store,” explained Brian Meiggs, founder of the Millennial Money Guide. "I recently wanted to buy a drone - the level of service and accessories at my local Walmart was low, not to mention the price was much higher."

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