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26 casualties in 32 seconds: New shocking shooting details in Ohio unveiled. VIDEO

On 13 on August, law enforcement officers unveiled new surveillance video shot during a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio.

Screenshot from video YouTube / WPLG Local 10

Police on Tuesday also updated the information on the number of victims, in total, in an approximately 30-second attack, 26 people were injured, nine of them died, writes ABC News.

The shooting occurred in the crowded part of the city, where several bars and restaurants are located. 24-year-old Connor Betts opened fire on August 4 at 1: 05, shooting people fleeing for about 32 seconds before being shot by a police officer in front of the Ned Peppers bar.

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It is currently unclear whether his own sister, who was killed by Betts, was a deliberate target or an accidental victim. In addition, the shooter wounded his friend, for whom the police have not yet established Betts intentions either.

According to authorities, the militant had no accomplices during the shooting, but his friend helped him acquire and hide weapons. He is already arrested.

The investigation found that Betts, who knew well the popular Dayton area in the city center, went with his sister and friend to Blind Bobs in the evening before shooting. In 12: 13 he went to Ned Peppers and left this bar in 12: 42.

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“After that, Betts went back to the parking lot where his car was, and for the next eight minutes he took something out of the trunk,” police said during a press conference.

The guy left his car in different clothes and with a heavy backpack.

Screenshot from YouTube / WPLG Local 10 video

In 1: 04 nights, he stepped out of an alley near the Ned Peppers and began firing.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • Sunday, Xnumx August, Xnumx-year-old Connor Betts killed 9 people and wounded another 20 peoplehaving arranged a mass shooting in Dayton (Ohio), the police later shot him. It turned out that he was still in school compiled a "list of victims"whom I wanted to brutally kill.
  • Who were the victims of Connor Betts - nine people, including his own sister, Read here.
  • “Honey, I just got shot in the head” - these are the words of a dying mother of two, who received a fatal bullet during the shooting in Dayton, managed to tell her husband by calling him on FaceTime. After about a minute, the woman was gone. Details of the tragic story - here.

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