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21 a place in Northern California that you need to see before you die

Mount Shasta, Northern California, is an amazing place to live and travel. Some people live here for decades and do not see all this beauty around. Of course, on your day off after a working week, it's easy to get bogged down in household chores. But the publication Only In Your State created a list of attractions that you, while sitting at home, will never see.

Photo Shoot: Flickr / ajay goel

21. Yuba river

This waterway is a tributary of the Feather River in the Sierra Nevada, which flows in the Nevada County. The splendor of its course and the picturesque shores are always fascinating.

20. Sierra buttes

Photo: Flickr / Kelly The Deluded

An 8 587 ft peak is located in the Tajo National Forest in Sierra County, near the city of Sierra. Climb to its top and immerse yourself in the enchanting view of the old watchtower or appreciate the enchantment of the valleys below.

19. Point Reyes National Seashore

Photo: Flickr / Christian Arballo

This incredible coastline in Marin County is a spectacular sight. After visiting her, you will be impressed by these amazing views for a long time.

18. Castle crags

The heights of these elevations range from 2000 feet along the Sacramento River at their base to more than 6500 feet on top of the highest cliff.

17. The lost coast

This remote stretch of coastline is difficult to see from inside the car. To see and properly appreciate its beauty, you have to get out of the car and take a walk along the coast.

16. Lava Beds National Monument

Photo Shoot: Flickr / jeff moser

Have you ever walked through a hollow cave of lava? It is unbelievable that here in Northern California there are caves that are safe to explore without a guide.

15. American river

Photo Shoot: Flickr / Nick Ares

This is where gold was found in 1848. Take a chance and see for yourself. What if you're lucky!

14. Shasta lake

This artificial pond is a mecca for outdoor recreation. The best way to experience it is from the water. So rent a kayak or even a houseboat.

13. Roosevelt elk

Northern California is home to many truly amazing wildlife. One of these creatures that we love to see off the north coast is Roosevelt's moose.

12. Lassen volcanic national park

Photo: Flickr / Markus spiering

To see volcanic activity, you do not need to leave the United States. Directly here, in the Northern California National Park, you will see all the most interesting, but without crowding, fuss and bursts.

11. Russian river

Photo: Flickr / Marc Cooper

Mendocino County is an unbelievably beautiful place. Here the forest meets the ocean.

10. Donner summit

Large granite boulders, windy trees, fresh mountain air and incredible landscapes Donner Summit is a great place for walking, playing in the snow or relaxing with its views.

9. Northern California's Starry Skies

Photo Shoot: Flickr / melfoody

When was the last time you watched stars without artificial glow? It is time to leave the city bustle and go outside the metropolis. It might even be worth spending the night at the camp.

8. King Range National Conservation Agents

The protected land of Humboldt County is incredible in its charm! This is one of those rare places where mountains fall directly into the sea. You look and take your breath away!

7. Battery Point Lighthouse

Photo: Flickr / Frank schulenburg

This historic lighthouse, possibly even a haunted one, is built on a peninsula that turns into an island at high tide. The magic of this magic should be seen!

6. Burney falls

Photo Shoot: Flickr / phae

There is nothing more iconic in Northern California than Burnie Falls! He was called the eighth wonder of the world.

5. Gold Country / the Motherlode

Hilly terrain, oaks and the most beautiful golden lighting at dusk - this is what distinguishes this region from others.

4. Lake tahoe

Can you really imagine the list of picturesque wonders of Northern California without this amazing lake? Of course, it is crowded, because most of the inhabitants of Northern California can not get enough of this place. And it’s quite clear why.

3. Tunnel of Trees, Point Reyes

Photo Shoot: Flickr / ajay goel

You may not know about this tunnel, but it is awesome. See for yourself!

2. Redwood state and national parks

Photo: Flickr / Martin swett

The fog penetrating through the trees is beautiful - whether you look at them from top to bottom or stand among them.

1.Mount Shasta

Photo Shoot: Flickr / Anna

Mount Shasta, the second largest peak in cascades, complements this list. She must be seen.

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