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20 will take a good area in the US for those who are looking for housing

A good area is one of the main criteria when buying a home. In addition, if you decide to sell your house later, it will be much easier to do this if it is located in a safe part of the city.

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Edition Money Talks News Gathered 20 signs of a good area that you should pay attention to when choosing a home to buy.

1. Meet your requirements

Make a list of what you would like and what you did not want to see in the vicinity of the area where your house is located, and look for what exactly suits your requirements.

Each person has his own idea of ​​the ideal area: someone needs playgrounds and good schools, and someone is interested in clubs and bars near the house.

2. You like what you hear

Spend time in local cafes and parks, walk through the neighborhoods, asking people questions about the area. Chat with your potential neighbors, asking them about the level of crime, noise, traffic, problems with the residents of the area.

3. You can easily find a place to drink a latte.

Large chain stores and restaurants and independent retailers are signs that the area's economy is developing or is in consistently good health.

4. Houses around are updated and improved.

This is especially true for the warm months of the year. Look for signs of activity that shows that owners continue to maintain their homes in good condition. Improvements suggest that people are proud of their homes and intend to stay for a long time to live in the area.

5. Neighborhood organization

Regular meetings of district residents are signs of a friendly community. Before buying a home, you should attend a meeting, ask your neighbors questions you are interested in, and subscribe to local newsletters.

6. People are walking in the streets.

Seeing people walking to the streets, going to school or playing in the parks of children, we can safely say that they feel safe. This is one of the most important signs of security in the area.

7. The area passes the test of darkness

Do not think that you know the place if you only saw it on weekdays during daylight hours. Visit the area at night and on weekends to get a realistic picture.

8. Low crime rate

Before buying a home, be sure to check the crime statistics in the area. This can be done on the website of the local police or local newspapers.

9. Good local success rates

Web site GreatSchools Helps you know the level of student achievement in each district. Schools with good academic performance are an important part of the well-being of the area.

10. The area is suitable for walking.

The sidewalks, wide enough for outdoor cafes, benches and walks, provide additional advantages to the area.

Web site Walk Score gives marks to areas according to their fitness for walking. Check yours before buying a house.

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11. Good transport links

You can easily find buses, subways and rail lines in the area. Houses located close to public transport are more expensive and retain their value well.

12. The area will suit you for the next 5-7 years

If this area is the embodiment of your dream at the moment, think about whether it will be suitable for you in 5-7 years, when a child enters your family or you bring aging parents to you. This should be taken into account when buying a house, because it is not always possible to move quickly.

13. Property levels in this area are very high.

Areas with a high level of home ownership indicate a stable economic situation, and also prepare fewer surprises that often changing landlords can offer.

14. Houses in the area are selling fast.

Fast-selling homes indicate that this area is in demand, which means it has a network of jobs, growing population and developing the economy, which is also an important indicator of the well-being of the area.

15. The cost of housing is not reduced

As a result of the housing crash a decade ago, in some areas housing prices are better than others. Before buying a house, it’s worth checking how much the prices in the area where it is located have collapsed. And if this figure is too high, then this may indicate economic problems in the area.

16. Public transport

The new generation prefers to get to work not by own car, but by public transport. Therefore, check its availability in your area, convenience and route network.

17. Quality work of urban services

Pay attention to whether the garbage is regularly removed, whether the streets are cleaned. Beware areas with cracked sidewalks, broken street lamps and other signs of poor-quality work of public services.

18. A large number of churches

Regardless of your religion, having a church, mosque and synagogue in an area is a sign of a close-knit community and a sign that residents are in touch with each other.

19. There is a police station and a fire station in the area.

Find the nearest fire station, police station and fire hydrants to the house you are considering. Nearby public security services add value to the neighborhood.

20. The area is changing for the better

Economic development can dramatically change areas, including the development of infrastructure, the construction of new homes. Pay attention to whether similar changes are observed in the area under consideration.

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