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20 mistakes made by even experienced tourists in foreign restaurants

Winter holidays are in full swing and many are preparing their bags for their travels. If you are going abroad, it is worth remembering not only the general rules of the rule: do not speak with your mouth full, choose cutlery correctly, do not obstruct the aisles, but also that in every country there are local customs that can even confuse experienced travelers. believes that anyone who does not want to look like an ignoramus will always find an opportunity to take into account and observe local principles.

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Of course, it is impossible to take into account everything and fully master foreign standards of etiquette. Therefore, many things are forgiven to tourists.

Do not try to have dinner in Spain before 21:00

Even in restaurants, the table here is served after 21:00. And if you eat and drink on the go, trying to catch this evening somewhere else besides dinner, you will cause bewilderment of the Spaniards. Because in most cases they themselves are in no hurry.

In this country, it is considered bad form to sit down at a table that is already occupied by at least one visitor. Since they do not accept separate checks, the company simply pays for everything equally. So, sitting down to someone, you are as if trying to save money at the expense of a "companion."

Do not apologize if you spilled something on the tablecloth in Greece

Staining wine or food on a tablecloth in Greece is not a crime at all. Welcoming the relaxed behavior at the table, the owner can defiantly mess up the tablecloth.

And one more thing: do not take only one dish. Best of all, but little by little. Usually food is ordered here at all at the table, and the menu in restaurants can not be seen at all. They often choose from what they have prepared today.

Never show the soles of your shoes to visitors to Turkish cafes.

That in restaurants, in a cafe sitting at a table so that the soles of your shoes are visible to another, is considered a terrible insult in Turkey. After all, with these feet you walk on the ground, which means that this is the dirtiest place on your body.

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Good appetite can also be dangerous for you. The more you can eat, the more you will please the owner. He will be pleased to bring you all new dishes, but God forbid, you can’t finish everything to the last crumb.

By the way, to wish you bon appetit here is better not at the beginning, but at the end of the meal.

Take your time to pay lunch for a girl in a German cafe

You may never go to a cafe or restaurant with a local girl, but still it’s worth knowing: what is considered a good form in other countries, the Germans mistake a partner for demonstrating insolvency. Here's the idiom of going Dutch. It means: "Everyone pays for himself."

And never, we repeat, never scold beer in Germany. This is sacred for the Germans. And especially the local beer, which is bottled only in this city. For example, viola - in Dusseldorf, Kelsh - in Cologne or Berliner Kindle - in Berlin. The German always boasts a beer that is brewed in his native village, even if it tastes no better than Baltika.

Do not talk to people in french street cafes

The French are sociable people, but sometimes they also want to be alone and enjoy food, to which the locals have a special relationship since the 100th century. Sometimes a trip to a cafe is not just a process of satisfying hunger, but a real ritual. And it’s better not to get into it if you are not XNUMX% sure that you understand the rules.

And there are more than enough rules related to food. The main thing is that everything is strictly clockwise. Breakfast - at 7:30, lunch - at 13:00, dinner - after 19:00. Drop in at the cafe earlier and get nothing but pastries and coffee.

By the way, the French do not cut bread, but break it with their hands. You need to eat it correctly - pinching out small pieces.

Do not be afraid to be independent in Swedish cafes

Having entered the cafe, do not wait for the waiter to approach you: you need to order what you want and pay directly at the counter, as basically self-service is provided everywhere.

It is curious that in a Swedish restaurant you can, once settled, take another supplement, for free.

The Swedes love to drink wine and beer, but the sale of strong alcohol is carried out only in state trading institutions.

Do not order more than one serving of breakfast in Norway

Especially in small Norwegian cities, going to local restaurants and cafes for breakfast, it is worth considering that in the morning they can serve impressive portions of dishes. Those who are not used to a hearty breakfast will find it difficult to eat everything and it is better to order one dish for two or even three.

By the way, on weekends it is allowed to sell only weak alcoholic drinks, and young people should visit their restaurants when they grab a passport.

Do not take or transfer servings in Thailand with one hand

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There are a lot of traditions in Thailand, as in any country in Asia. And it is not always easy for a European to understand them. So, taking and passing food with one hand, especially with the left, is considered indecent here. It is better to take dishes and a check with two hands. In general, it is always better to take everything with both hands - so you definitely will not be mistaken.

Wash your hands well before eating. The plug is not used in traditional Thai cafes serving rice. As an exception, when using some dishes, it is allowed to take a spoon in the right hand.

Do not sit at a table in a Chinese cafe, hands clasped

In China and Korea, it is considered arrogant to ask you to give food to you. Eating here is an active process where everyone reaches for food and treats each other. Better to always offer first to others, then take yourself. In the same companionable spirit, it is impolite to refuse if someone offers you food or puts it directly on your plate.

But in no case do not touch the whole fish. To turn it over on a plate, especially in fishing villages, means to incite trouble.

Well, remember about the sticks. As in Japan, they should not be pounded, stuck in food and transferred from sticks to sticks. All this is associated with the local funeral rites.

Do not think that every friendly neighbor in American cafes will become your friend

In the United States, a culture of small talk is developed - small talk, about nothing. For a couple of hours in a cafe, sitting at the same table with you, a local will tell everything about his family and work, ask everything about you, but after he will say: “Good luck” - and will leave your life forever.

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And always leave a tip. Even if the service was not the best. The general rule is “double the tax” (leave the amount of tax multiplied by 2).

And remember the notorious American laws. So, in the state of Indiana, until recently it was impossible to eat watermelons in parks, and in Georgia a person was almost arrested for eating a fried chicken with a fork. It’s better to always learn these rules in advance.

Do not take food in Nepal with your left hand

As in other Muslim countries, such as Bangladesh, Indonesia or Malaysia, in Nepal it is customary to eat many dishes with hands, but only with the right one. The left hand is "reserved" for some hygiene procedures. In general, try to avoid using your left hand wherever possible.

By the way, that's why lefties are a rarity in Asia. They are forcibly retrained in school. It is believed that 10-12% of the population of Europe are left-handed, in Asia their number is only 2-5%.

Don't be afraid to be late for lunch in Tanzania.

If you were invited to a cafe or restaurant, never come on time. According to local customs, if you respect a person, then you should be late for 15-20 minutes. Arriving better in loose clothing. Residents of Tanzania, including in many cafes, usually eat while sitting on the floor.

In addition, in traditional institutions, men are not allowed to dine with women and generally cross the threshold of the kitchen. Hands after eating are washed here in a common bowl, which, along with a towel, is passed around in a circle.

As for coals, plates with thick corn porridge, then this is an obligatory dish in any traditional institution, you need to take and serve it only with your right hand.

Do not ask to pour tea to the brim, being in a cafe in Kazakhstan

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Guests, especially welcome ones, are never given more than half a cup. So the owner shows you his location and offers to stretch the pleasure of communication, gradually replenishing your mug. If you have poured tea to the brim - this is a hint that you should leave.

Residents of Kazakhstan drink tea about 6 times a day. And only hot, because they believe that from cold drinks you can get sick.

Never let the plug go out of hand in Chile

Chileans never eat with their hands. They will even prick french fries from fast food with a fork. The same goes for pizza, chicken nuggets, wings and everything else that Europeans usually eat without cutlery. And it’s better not even to lick a fork or knife after eating: for locals this is considered the height of indecency.

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And Chileans are very punctual. Dinner is served strictly at 20:00, not earlier.

Never clink glasses with beer glasses in hungarian cafes.

In Hungary, you can’t avoid squinting, if in the company of friends you suddenly decide to clink glasses of beer. And it's not even that Hungarians do not like loud sounds. Just locals still remember that in the XNUMXth century the Austrians, having crushed the Hungarian uprising, celebrated their victory with beer. Since then, such an action is considered disrespectful. But moving glasses with wine or champagne is quite allowed.

Do not leave your glass full on a traditional holiday in Georgia

If you jumped into a Georgian cafe or restaurant during the traditional holiday "supra" - remember: they drink wine here only during toast and in one gulp. Glasses are not full. This is considered disrespectful to others. But do not worry: it’s impossible to sort through such a feast. Small glasses are specially selected for him.

Never Eat Tacos in Mexico with a Fork and Knife

If you are worried that you can stain your shirt with fried beans and salsa, think about the fact that, on the other hand, keeping your clothes clean, you run the risk of locals appearing to be a big snapper. Mexicans think that eating a taco with a fork and knife is stupid and arrogant - anyway, there is a hamburger armed with silverware.

Do not forget to shake the cup at the end when you drink coffee in a traditional cafe in the Middle East

Otherwise, they will continue to top up the drink. Eastern peoples holyly observe ancient traditions and customs. Including the manner of the Bedouins to drink dear guest fresh coffee. This drink in this case is a symbol of mutual respect of the owner to the guest and guest to the owner. So you can drink it almost endlessly. To give a sign that you have enough, just shake the cup several times by turning the brush. But if you wave with your whole hand, it will mean that you require supplements.

Do not leave your green token on the table in national Brazilian restaurants

Churascaria is a traditional Brazilian establishment where you pay for entry and eat as much as you want. The waiter gives visitors 2 tokens - green and red. Green says you can be served; if you don’t have the strength anymore, put the red token on the table, and the delivery men with new skewers will no longer suit you. The main thing is not to forget to remove the green token, carried away by meat.

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