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19 ideas for traveling the US by train

Photo: Facebook Conway Scenic Railroad

Many prefer to travel by car, but their charm is to observe the beautiful landscapes of America from the window of the train car. We chose the most scenic railway routes. You can enjoy the views, just sitting by the window and sipping refreshing drinks. Forget about traffic and go on an exciting journey through the mountains, fields and valleys.

1. Cog Railway, New Hampshire

On this small railway you can make one of the most magnificent trips in the country. Trains run from April to November, and the full route usually takes about three hours.

2. Cascade Amtrak, Oregon

There is nothing more surprising than traveling past the Olympic Mountains through the endless bright fields of irises. This train runs from Eugene, Oregon, to Vancouver, British Columbia, so this is a great opportunity to visit Canada. Tickets for this trip are about 90 dollars per 250 kilometers long route.

Facebook / Amtrak Cascades

3. Takacegi River Tour, North Carolina

The Takaseji River Tour is one of the many routes offered by this railway, but we think this is the best option. Come to Bryson and drive through North Carolina with gorgeous countryside views. You will walk through the Cowie Tunnel where The Fugitive was filmed. The XNUMX-hour excursion to Dillsboro allows you to rest and stretch your legs before heading back.

4. Arcadia and Attica, New York

This scenic route runs through 24 miles of breathtaking landscapes in West New York. It passes through historic and beautiful areas near Buffalo. Trains run from Memorial Day to October, inclusive, and also offer holiday trips in the winter.

5. Train New River, West Virginia

West Virginia is covered in shades of gold and reds in autumn, and this excursion is one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of nature. You will be amazed by the New River Gorge, and you will see the brightest areas covered with colorful foliage. Tours start in October.

6. The Pacific Surfliner, California

Traveling on this route is like a day spent on the beach. Surfliner travels from San Luis Obispo to San Diego and the world famous Del Mar Beach. Be sure to take places where you can better view the waves!



7. Yukon and White Road, Alaska

This trip will not leave you indifferent. The passage of glaciers, mountains, waterfalls and iconic natural attractions such as Bridal Waterfalls and the Dead Horse Gorge, all at an altitude of about 950 meters. You will definitely need a camera for this trip. The ticket will cost from 122 to 229 dollars.

8. New Hope and Ivy, PA

Travel the picturesque hills and valleys of Bucks County. On this railway route, you can feel yourself a part of history, taking a ride on a rare train of the 1925 model of the year.

9. Narrow Gauge Railway Durango and Silverton, Colorado

On this trip you can feel like a real guide. The railway runs between Durango and Silverton and is a national historic landmark. A trip along the cliffs, past historic mines and as a bonus a stunning panoramic view of the countryside.

10. Railroad Mt. Hood, Oregon

This magnificent old train rides through dense forests and gardens on Mount Hood. The route is incredibly picturesque, and you will be offered many thematic excursions. Dine, go on a holiday excursion on the Polar Express and go on an excursion. Odell.

11. Alaska Railway

Travel along the Alaska rail line. This historic railway has been carrying passengers through the desert territory of Alaska since 1914. They offer an extremely popular train trip, where you will find yourself in the Polar Express. You will see snow-capped mountains, fields of sparkling ice and amazing sunsets.

Facebook photo / Alaska Railroad

12. Grand Canyon Railroad, Arizona

Climb the Grand Canyon in comfort in an air-conditioned carriage. Ignore the traffic and head straight to the south edge of the Grand Canyon. Along the way, you will see eagles, elk and a plateau of reservations. This unforgettable journey will take 210 kilometers round trip.

13. Starlight Coast, California

It's a pretty long trip, but surprisingly cheap: just $ 120 for a ticket from Los Angeles to Seattle. This is more than two thousand kilometers! You will meet amazing sights such as Mount Shasta, San Francisco Bay, the Cascade Mountains, Mount Rainier, Puget Sound, and see the stunning cliffs along the Pacific Coast.

14. Retro dinner on the way to Kentucky

This is perhaps the most old-fashioned way to see the bluegrass state. The 60 km journey begins in Bardstown. From the windows of the retro train, you can appreciate the beauty of Kentucky. And besides, dine in one of the retro carriages.

15. Strasbourg Railway, PA

If you don’t like long journeys, this short route, just 14 kilometers, which runs along America’s oldest railway line, will delight you. This is the perfect family route. For 15 dollars, you can appreciate the beauty of Pennsylvania.

16. Empire builder

Following the route Empire builder, you will see the Cascade Mountains, Glacier National Park and much more. 3550 kilometers is the longest route listed on this list, and a ticket will cost you only 179 dollars.

17. Pikes Peak Cog Railway, Colorado

This train will bring you straight to the top of Pikes Peak. You will climb the 4300-meter height and you will have about 30-40 minutes to look around. It is simply impossible to stay longer, otherwise mountain sickness can begin.

Pikes Peak Cog Railway / Facebook

18. Conway Scenic Railroad, New Hampshire

Route Conway scene railroad 80 runs through kilometers of forests and mountains, offering stunning views. The train has first class cars and a dining car.

19. Cass Scenic Railroad, West Virginia

This is one of the most scenic railway routes in the whole country. You will be driven through the desert in West Virginia on the locomotive that serves the old steam engine. The train also rises to a height of 1400 meters. The whole trip takes 4,5 hours.

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