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Walmart's 16 secrets to help you save

According to Statistic Brain, 90% of Americans live 15 minutes walk from Walmart. The site estimates that every hour consumers spend 36,7 million dollars in Walmarts stores around the world. Many people love this network for favorable prices for food, clothing and household goods.

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If you know a few secrets, you can significantly save on purchases in Walmart, a list of useful tricks collected edition Cheat sheet.

1. Know when there are big sales

“Black Friday” is usually characterized by very good deals in Walmart depending on the goods. Therefore, in the days of sales it is worth paying attention to discounts in this store and compare them with other chains. In addition, many retailers including Walmart, annually in July spend a week or two large sales, trying to compete with Amazon's Prime Days.

Also many shops Walmart offer favorable discounts every week on Tuesdays, the days of sales in different stores may vary, so it is better to clarify the schedule in your near Walmart

2. Find products for one dollar

В Walmart goods still exist for one dollar. You just need to know where to look for them, mainly deodorants and shampoos, as well as some other items are offered at such prices. 1 dollar store offers are updated every week.

3. Come to the store early to get discounts on products.

In the morning of each day, the shops spread fresh bread, meat and other products on the shelves, reducing the prices of these goods left over from the previous day. You can take advantage of these deals if you come to the store in the morning.

4. Look for competitor coupons

Walmart does not have coupons of its own, but accepts coupons from manufacturers of goods that are sold on shelves, as well as coupons from competitors. The only condition is that the coupon must indicate the amount of the discount, and not a certain percentage.

5. Know where discounted items are located.

Everyone has it Walmart there are design rules, and the place where he places the goods with discounts, you just need to ask the manager where to find him. Most chain stores store discounted goods next to toys or the garden section. However, it is better to check with the manager, because the layout of goods in some stores may be different.

6. Get online prices at the store

If you find a great deal on the website Walmart, the company will give you the same price in the store, you just need to ask the cashier about it.

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7. Get free shipping on any purchase.

Walmart offers free shipping on any order starting at $ 35. If your purchase is less than this, experienced buyers Walmart choose an option ship-to-store. In most cases, these items can be collected on the day of order. Yes, you have to go to the store for the ordered goods, but you do not have to pay for delivery, and you can go to the store on the way while you go on other business.

8. Learn the price tag system

В Walmart there is a system of price tags, according to which it can be understood whether the price of a commodity will decrease further or is it already the final markdown. If the price ends on 7, for example, $ 5,97, this is usually the original price. Items with a price ending in 5 were discounted once. Products whose price ends on 1 are definitely discounted.

9. Download the Savings Catcher App

Download the app Savings catcher and scan your checks from it Walmart within a week after purchase. The application compares what you paid with the prices of competitors and automatically credits the difference to your card if Walmart you paid more.

10. Remember the competition

As the two largest retailers, Amazon and Walmart constantly trying to outdo each other. When someone announces new lucrative offers, the second one tries to keep up.

Buyers Walmart saw several benefits from growth The Amazon. For example, Walmart recently started offering free delivery of orders from 35 dollars, the network is also testing the delivery of products through Uber and Lyft, to compete with AmazonFresh. Follow this trend and you will definitely find advantageous offers created by competition.

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11. Use the online shopping option with the ability to pick up purchased items in the store

Avoid impulse purchases by purchasing products on the Internet and taking them in the near Walmartwithout even going inside. Employee Walmart will download the purchase directly to your car, and it is completely free.

12. Avoid organic foods

Walmart offers good prices on many products, but in the case of organic products, this is not the best store. In this segment, it is better to shop in Aldi and Trader Joe.

13. Find repaired or refurbished products online.

Site Walmart not very convenient, so it is not so easy to find repaired and offered for sale goods. It is best to enter the word "repair" or other keywords for this category in the search bar - and you will be presented with the entire section.

In the case of repaired electronics, most products will have a manufacturer’s warranty, but at a lower price.

14. Use coupons to get cash.

Having coupons manufacturers of goods or from sites, I heart the martand Passion for savingsYou can use them in Walmartand if your purchase will be less than the amount in the coupon, you will be able to receive unspent money and spend it on your next trip to the store.

15. Do not buy cheap furniture

Furniture in Walmart cheap, and it is no coincidence. It has a very low quality, so it will often have to be repaired or replaced, so in the long run you will spend more than if you originally bought more expensive furniture in another store.

16. Avoid food supplements

Supplements and vitamins from Walmart were tested and showed very poor results. Only 4% of the tested substances actually contained herbs that were indicated on the package, the rest contained substances not indicated in the description, therefore they could be either useless or even harmful to health.

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