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16 crazy ways to save money

Although it is love that most often makes people do crazy things, sometimes the desire to save money forces them to go to even more extreme measures. The suggested saving tips may seem strange, but they actually work. Cheat sheet.

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1. Keep the jug near the sink

Instead of draining the water, waiting for it to warm up, collect it in a jug. You can use it in the future: drink, cook or water the plants.

2. Collect urine

If you really want to save money and help the environment, try going to the toilet in a jar or bottle, and then use it all as fertilizer.

3. Say goodbye to toilet paper

Why waste money on toilet paper when you have a spare newspaper, junk mail, and unnecessary bills? Forget the discomfort. Toilet paper is really a waste of money.

4. Disable all

According to the US Department of Energy, appliances that are off but plugged in account for up to 10% of your electricity bill. Simplify your life and use extension cords. You will be able to disconnect multiple devices at the same time.

5. Products in the store at the end of the day

According to NPR, retailers in America throw away 10% of edible food every year. Main reason? Picky customers. Most stores throw away food at the end of the day, so you can either take a route to the dumpsters or contact your local store manager and arrive a few minutes before closing time. For example, a banana that is too ripe that no one wants to buy can be your breakfast.

6. Take a Christmas break to save on gifts

Holidays can mean excessive expenses, especially if you spend them with a large family, where everyone is waiting for a gift. Try to go somewhere instead. You will save money and get rid of a headache, and most importantly - rest.

7. Freeze all dry foods

You have probably heard that iced coffee retains its freshness, but did you know that flour that has been frozen for two weeks can maintain its freshness for another two years? The same applies to sugar, cereals and baking mixes.

8. Prepare detergents yourself

Vinegar and baking soda can have almost the same effect as purchased products. Before you run to the store, try making your own home cleaning products. They are less toxic and cheaper.

9. Teach the cat to the pot

The average cost of cat litter is $ 165 per year. That's over $ 1500 for a cat's entire life. One way to save money on your pet is to potty train it.

10. Make permanent makeup

On, the average woman spends over $ 15 in her life on cosmetics. This is more than enough to buy a used car. One solution is to get permanent makeup. The procedure costs from $ 000 to $ 400.

11. Wash in the shower

Instead of just washing your hands or taking a shower, try doing something else. In terms of saving water, 10 minutes of showering uses the same amount of water as a washing machine does in one wash.

12. Use a refrigerator and freezer for non-food items.

Clothes, lipstick, candles and batteries are stored longer if kept cold. However, it is worth being especially careful with some favorite beauty products. For example, a cold may make nail polish unsuitable for use.

13. Go to Mexico for dental procedures.

Not everyone goes to Mexico to soak up the margarita on the beach. According to The Washington PostThousands of Americans go to Mexico every year to dentists. Their services are worth a quarter of the price you pay in America. Many of these dentists were trained in America, so the work will be of high quality.

14. Keep your credit cards in the freezer

You don't have to go to a bank to freeze your credit card. Just place the card yourself in the freezer. Thus, you conclude a contract with yourself about its non-use. No, the defrost option is not allowed.

15. Sell ​​your hair

This option is suitable for women. If your hair is intact and is 25 cm or more, you can sell it and make up to $ 4000.

16. Sell ​​blood

Yes, you can donate blood or plasma for charity, and you can earn from $ 50 to $ 200 for donating blood in a private center. Most centers allow you to donate 2 blood once a week.

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