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16 language social networks for communicating with native English speakers

With the development of technology, it has become much easier to communicate with a native speaker of the language you want to learn. Edition Lifehacker has compiled a list of 16 language social networks where native speakers help hone pronunciation and correct errors in the letter.

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Even if you live in the United States or another English-speaking country, but are afraid or embarrassed to ask friends to prompt or correct your mistakes, these services are for you. Here you will communicate with strangers who are specially registered to help in learning the English language, so they will be happy to answer all your questions, tell you how to speak correctly and tell about mistakes that you most often make.


Prely is a resource that offers classes with native tutors from all over the world. Almost 30 thousand teachers are ready to teach you English on this resource. The advantage of this site is that the profiles of the tutors are checked to make sure that the person is actually capable of teaching the language. Each user can study at his own pace and set lessons at a convenient time for him. In addition, the cost of tutoring services is different, so you can choose a teacher for any budget.

In addition to English, Prely you can learn Spanish, German, French, Italian and many other languages.


Slowly is a unique service for finding penpals. The authors of the application intentionally refused instant messaging in order to return the romance of communication through letters. You find an interlocutor with similar interests, write him a message in several paragraphs, attach a stamp and send. Delivery time depends on how far the addressee is from you - it can be a couple of hours or a day. You can also send photos, but their number is limited, and the delivery speed also depends on the distance.

English, Baby

Social network for communication with foreigners and daily lessons on various topics. For membership in the community you need to transfer dollars to the account of the 5 project on a monthly basis. But there is also a seven-day free subscription for beginners. The site has chats, forums and blogs for communication in the selected language.


Convenient service and application for teaching a foreign language. To use it, you only need a device with a camera and the Internet. Here you can meet both professional teachers and native speakers offering informal tutoring. Each user can be both a student and a teacher. More than 10 of thousands of tutors are available, and tuition is paid by class.

A resource for finding friends, penpals, and even travel companions for traveling the world. You can select interlocutors in specific countries, communicate on forums, chat or via private messages. The site is free, and tens of thousands of users from all over the world are registered on it.

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Conversation Exchange

On this site you can find a partner for full-time or remote communication through personal messages or chats. When searching, it’s worthwhile to indicate the language you want to learn, and the one you teach your interlocutor, as well as which applications you would like to use.

Easy language exchange

More than 100 thousands of people from 56 countries use Easy Language Exchange to find people who speak different languages. You can chat with the community in an open forum or only with selected people via private messages. In addition, this resource contains many self-study courses.


Speaky is a free social network consisting of only two elements: a list of profiles and a chat window. When filling out the profile, you choose which languages ​​you know and which you would like to learn, and the service itself selects the best candidates. You can communicate with both native speakers and those who are just learning it.

The mixxer

Site for the search for interlocutors from the American College of Dickinson. The Mixxer is primarily aimed at communicating via Skype, but also allows you to simply chat. A useful bonus is free audio lessons for learning different languages ​​from consulates and leading universities.

Language share

A simple and convenient service for finding interlocutors. Profiles are filtered by native and studied languages, gender and age. You can send messages to people you like: the service sends notifications to the mail. If you wish, you have the right to search for a partner only in a certain country.

Tongue out

An ambitious project, design and structure reminiscent of Facebook of the late 2000's. There are not only profiles, but also forums, groups, collections of photos and videos. You can add users to friends, participate in discussions and write messages, including through the application.


Stylish mobile service for searching native speakers. Finding someone to talk to is easy: Tandem is used by millions of people. You can even enlist the help of professional teachers and sign up for an individual lesson. Training takes place both through chat, and through audio and video calls.


HelloTalk is a multifunctional application for learning languages ​​and communicating with carriers. In the chat you can exchange not only text messages, but also audio recordings, photos and videos. There is also the opportunity to visually correct the interlocutor's errors in correspondence.

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HiNative is a Q & A platform. You ask the speakers questions about their language, and they answer. You can also request feedback about your pronunciation and sentence construction. Owners of free accounts can listen and see the answers only to their questions, and those who buy the premium version can also answer the questions of other users.

Polyglot Club

Polyglot Club is a huge community of speakers of different languages, which provides many learning tools. You can communicate with users, create video chats, make appointments, receive corrections, and ask questions. The community of the site is very active: constantly holds meetings in dozens of cities around the world.


Gamelingu allows you to learn languages ​​not only through communication with the carrier, but also with the help of games specially created to consolidate new words and expressions. The site also has forums, video chat, achievement systems and progress tracking.

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