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15 cities of the USA where economy and incomes are steadily growing

As American cities with a high cost of living continue to become less accessible to most citizens, people often look for alternative places to live, writes GOBankingRates. Boomtowns are cities that offer incentives to live in them, such as affordable cost of living or higher salaries. And some have both factors.

Miami Florida. Photo: Depositphotos

The publication analyzed the performance of U.S. cities with a population of 500 or less and assigned cities the status of boomtowns based on an increase in population incomes and economic growth for 000 years, from 5 to 2012. Thinking about changing your place of residence, perhaps you should consider some of these 2017 cities as affordable and promising options.

15. Santa Cruz, California

  • Revenue increase: 20,5%
  • Population growth: 6,1%
  • Housing Growth: 0,9%
  • GDP growth: 23,3%

14. Durham, NC

  • Revenue increase: 15,8%
  • Population growth: 11,9%
  • Housing Growth: 8,6%
  • GDP increase: 14,8%

13. Charlottesville, Virginia

  • Revenue increase: 17,9%
  • Population growth: 7,6%
  • Housing Growth: 5,8%
  • GDP increase: 22,4%

12. Miami

  • Revenue increase: 17,7%
  • Population growth: 10,2%
  • Housing Growth: 4,7%
  • GDP increase: 29,4%

11. San Luis Obispo, California

  • Revenue increase: 23,9%
  • Population growth: 3,7%
  • Housing Growth: 4,1%
  • GDP increase: 26,2%

10. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

  • Revenue increase: 13,2%
  • Population growth: 10,3%
  • Housing Growth: 10,3%
  • GDP increase: 23,5%

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9. Bismarck, North Dakota

  • Revenue increase: 8,1%
  • Population growth: 13,9%
  • Housing Growth: 14,9%
  • GDP increase: 23,7%

8. Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Revenue increase: 15%
  • Population growth: 11%
  • Housing Growth: 10,3%
  • GDP increase: 33%

Фото: Depositphotos

7. Fayetteville, Arkansas

  • Revenue increase: 23,4%
  • Population growth: 10,4%
  • Housing Growth: 0,4%
  • GDP increase: 37,6%

6. Reno, Nevada

  • Revenue increase: 26,5%
  • Population growth: 5,9%
  • Housing Growth: 3,6%
  • GDP increase: 36,7%

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5. Santa Rosa, California

  • Revenue increase: 28,6%
  • Population growth: 4,2%
  • Housing Growth: 2%
  • GDP increase: 33,8%

4. Boulder, Colorado

  • Revenue increase: 24,3%
  • Population growth: 7,2%
  • Housing Growth: 4,9%
  • GDP increase: 22,3%

Фото: Depositphotos

3. Sebastian, Florida

  • Revenue increase: 20,9%
  • Population growth: 9,3%
  • Housing Growth: 5,5%
  • GDP increase: 23,5%

2. Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Revenue increase: 17,2%
  • Population growth: 21,5%
  • Housing Growth: 11,9%
  • GDP increase: 9,5%

1. Naples, Florida

  • Revenue increase: 22,8%
  • Population growth: 6,8%
  • Housing Growth: 3,8%
  • GDP increase: 34%

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