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13 errors that will lead to failure in an interview in the US

You find an interesting job, apply online, go through a telephone interview - and now all you need is to charm your future boss in a job interview. But one wrong move can lead to failure. Huffington Post interviewed hiring managers about common mistakes that candidates make during interviews.

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1. Pretend you have no flaws

“One of the biggest mistakes that I think people make in the employment process is refusing to admit that they are not perfect. No one is perfect, not one of the candidates, not one of the team members, not even me.

When I ask the question, "What is your biggest weakness?" I am not trying to catch you and force you to talk about your biggest weaknesses. I'm trying to figure out if you admit that you don't have the answers to all of the questions and that you are really willing to be honest and open, ”says John Hayes, Marketing Manager at Authority Hacker.

2. Bad feedback about your past employer

“Negative feedback on past places of work, as a rule, negatively describes the candidate. The recruiter cannot objectively judge the essence of the story, and therefore is inclined to believe that the candidate speaks about his negative attitude, and does not talk about the difficult situation he has encountered.

I had candidates who said “it was a mistake to go to work there” or “I didn't get along with my boss” or “I didn't like the company culture” and didn't explain anything else. I recommend talking about facts and leaving emotions. For example, say: "My manager changed three times during the year, along with him the requirements for my work changed." So, your dissatisfaction with the work in the company sounds more significant, ”says Miki Feldman Simon, founder of IamBackatWork.

3. Do not check the website of the company where you submit your resume

“I have conducted several interviews with people who have not even checked the company's website. This is unacceptable these days. I asked their opinion about our site and they were unable to answer this question. I would say that this is a basic skill, go through the website and form your opinion about it even if you are not an expert, ”says Mark Crenn, founder of Coastal Creative

4. Forgot to say thank you

“We had a candidate for an entry-level position who was a great fit for a resume - great cover letter, decent experience. But when we started the hiring process and exchanged letters and then interviewed, we noticed one peculiarity. The candidate never thanked anyone, he didn’t even indicate “thank you” in his letters. This weakened our interest in considering this candidate for our agency, ”says Amy Hyde, COO of Outspoken Media.

5. Transition to informal communication

“Video interviews are becoming more common, and in my experience, candidates often don't take it seriously - or forget that all of their actions are visible on camera. I was interviewing a tech candidate when, halfway through the interview, he raised a glass of beer and took a sip, and then answered my question. He behaved extremely carelessly. To my question “Is this beer?” He replied “Yes, IPA”. Yes, the interview took place at 16:00 pm, but this is not an informal conversation. Then I finished the interview, ”said Alison Daly, Founder of Recruiting Innovation.

6. Communicate like a newbie

“One of the candidates asked the following during an interview:“ I know that during a telephone conversation with your company's recruiters, I agreed to a salary of $ 70 thousand. But due to my bills and the upcoming wedding, it won't be enough for me. Could you pay me $ 85 thousand if you decide to hire me? " This man was quite young and did not know how to negotiate a salary. Ideally, he could negotiate the salary issue in advance or formulate a counter offer later, and not tie it to personal reasons for the need to receive a higher salary, ”says Sukhyot Basi, CEO of Bank Yogi.

7. The borderline between confidence and arrogance

“In my practice, there was a candidate who did not give me the opportunity to ask questions to check his qualifications. Instead, he told me about the company and my past, talked at length about all the great things he had done, and ended his 15-minute monologue with a question about when he might start work. He sounded arrogant, and I ended the interview without trying to get more information about the candidate. Whether a candidate is a confident person or not, he must appear so in an interview in order to pass it successfully. But if that line crosses the line of arrogance, the deal will fail, ”said Chris Hughes, senior content marketing manager at

8. Combining multiple jobs

“We were looking for an information technology engineer for a large project. We found a brilliant candidate who was literally a genius. He went through four rounds of interviews, solved a few difficult tasks, completed a four-hour test with only two cups of coffee and a pack of Cheetos, all while being followed by four other people. He was a brilliant candidate with all the necessary skills. But in the final interview with our client, he announced that he wanted to stay in his current job and was counting on a full-time job in our company. He was absolutely sure that four hours of sleep would be enough for him to combine two jobs. He thought it was a good idea to pay off the mortgage faster. I asked him not to talk about it at the meeting with the client, we would have come up with a convenient way for everyone after the meeting. But he decided to talk about his scheme at a meeting with a client, ”says Igor Shcherbinin, director of recruitment at DistantJob Remote Placement Agency.

9. Take a friend (or your mom) for an interview

“You shouldn't take your parents or loved ones with you to the interview. I was surprised when one of the candidates came for an interview with his mom. And it was not a college graduate applying for a junior position, but even if it was, it would still look strange. If someone, for whatever reason, wants to accompany you, then ask them to wait on the street or in the nearest cafe until you finish, ”says John Brodsky, manager of

10. Do not ask questions

“At the end of the interview, most employers ask the interviewee if he has any questions. If they say no, it tells me that they are not interested in job opportunities. It also tells me that they didn't take the time to do the research before joining us. The lack of research suggests that the candidate is potentially lazy. Most companies have websites and social media pages. Getting information and formulating a few sample questions is not difficult at all. It is important for the employer to see the candidate's interest in the company and the vacancy. Nobody wants to hire an employee who plans to quit within the first year, ”says Jason Carney, director of human resources at WorkSmart Systems.

11. Lie about your dating

“I once interviewed a candidate who said that she was good friends with a colleague and talked a lot about her family and how much she loves them. But when I asked the employee about the recommendation, he replied that they were just acquaintances. Then, I checked the information with the previous employer, who replied that the candidate often lies, and this is one of its negative features, ”said Sharon Kasasli, head of PR at Blonde 2.0.

12. Rude to the receptionist

“I like to ask the younger team members for their opinion on the candidates I am considering for the position. Some candidates do not understand that communicating with junior staff representatives is part of the hiring process. I always want to know how the candidate behaves in more relaxed, informal communication. Does he treat junior employees as irrelevant or respectful? ”Says Alexander Lowry, professor of finance at Gordon College.

13. Staff harassment

“I had a candidate who called the front desk a dozen times trying to get a conversation with other company employees. When he didn't get what he wanted, he kept calling again and again. He would sometimes hang up when the person he had previously spoken to answered, as if he was trying to trick the front desk clerk. Naturally, we didn't hire him, ”says Brianna Rooney, founder and CEO of Techees.

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