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Costco's 12 products you can't do without

The next time you plan on Costco, take time to move away from the usual shelves and pay attention to some great offers from this network. Take a shopping cart or shopping cart and rather look for these 12 products that you can't do without.

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Costco is a great place to stock up on bacon, so after your visit to the store you will always have an ingredient for breakfast, brunch and BLT sandwiches (bacon tomato salad) close at hand. Reader's Digest. Check out Costco Kirkland Signature's own trademark, which receives consistently high customer ratings.


If you use a lot of batteries for a variety of consoles, controllers and toys, it's time to go after them to Costco. Kirkland batteries are cheaper than similar products of famous brands, it is especially beneficial to buy them in large quantities.


If you have a Costco membership, use it profitably and refuel the car while you are there. You are likely to find that gasoline at a Costco gas station is cheaper than its closest competitors.

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Unexpectedly - but true. You can get a mortgage or refinance your home ... at Costco. According to information the retailer itself, it makes it possible to save an average of $ 5972 over the life of the loan!

Prescription drugs

If you have a prescription for a medical drug, check out Costco. As a member, you can pay less than a pharmacy. Possible in advance go to the network site, to find out how much such drugs will cost.

Gift cards for movies and restaurants

If you like to spend time away from home, Costco may well have interesting suggestions. On network site It shows how to find great discounts on gift cards that allow you to save money when you have fun (or are looking for a gift for a relative who lives far away).


Culinary spray

Stock up on cooking sprays the next time you come to Costco. According to the blog Krazy Coupon Lady, you pay 10 cents less for each ounce of this spray than at Walmart.

Washing powder

And this is also a great offer. According to information Consumer Reports, Kirkland brand powders are as effective as the products of the most famous brands, and they cost much less.



Buy wholesale products for your pets at Costco and save money on their favorite treats. If you are looking for cat or dog food or cat litter, most likely you will save on every ounce when you buy at chain stores.

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Food film

Not only will you pay less if you buy a plastic polyethylene film of the Kirkland trademark at Costco, but you can use it as long as the products of popular brands.

Colored paper and cardboard

If you have children or you like to do crafts, pay attention to the color paper and paper Costco. You will pay less than in the stationery shop, and you will always be ready for a rainy day at home that you can spend with benefit.

Vanilla extract

This bottle may seem too large, but Costco's vanilla extract will last you a very long time. Pure vanilla extract is always expensive, so in Costco you will find not only an advantageous offer, but also a happy opportunity to pamper your loved ones with fragrant pastries at any time.

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