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12 most uncomfortable seats on the plane, which is better not to sit

Choosing a seat on the plane is a serious matter. Most are looking for such seats, where you can stretch your legs. But there are other factors that affect comfort. For example, some chairs do not allow you to lie back, while others hear smells from the toilet.

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But if you know about the problem areas, then you can avoid them. Edition “NEWS”Made a short list of seats that should not be ordered when buying a ticket.

Seats in front of the box with devices for voice ads. There is no possibility to put the bag under the seat in front or stretch your legs.

The last row of seats in each cabin. Usually they are located next to the toilet or kitchen, besides the seat backs do not recline there.

Seats near the main exit. Plus - this is what you can stretch your legs there. But there are also disadvantages. For example, you can not put things under the seat in front, because it is missing. In addition, they are inconvenient because the table for food is folded inside the armrests. In addition, this is the coldest place in the plane. If this is not enough, then we must bear in mind that in an emergency situation the responsibility for evacuating people is assigned to the passengers of these places.

Broken seat. According to statistics, often flying people sooner or later fall for this. It can recline poorly, be unstable, or even not recline at all. Often, the area where the jacks for connecting headphones or a TV screen are located is damaged. The worst thing is that it is not known in advance which seat is broken, and if there are no empty seats on the plane, you will not be able to change seats.

Seat next to the toilet. These places are bad not only because of the “aromas”. The queue for the restroom also causes problems. Those standing in it can lean on your seat or start talking to each other above your head, or they can hook them with their elbows. In general, the flight will be fun, you won't be able to sleep.

Seats in shortened rows. In some models of aircraft behind there are two rows of two seats. It seems that these seats are better due to the lack of a middle seat, but this is not the case. First, they are separated from the wall, so lean on it will not work. Secondly, a neighbor can put his feet behind this gap.

Seat between the windows. Admire the landscapes below will not work. In addition, it is impossible to control the lighting from the windows in front or behind.

Seat in the last row. Not only does it not recline, it is also located next to the lavatory. And after landing, you will have to wait a long time for your turn to exit the plane.

Seats in front of the row change point. Because of the shape of the fuselage, the rows of 4 seats alternate with rows of 3 and 2. Seats at the transition points are usually distinguished by the fact that there is not always where to stretch the legs or put the bag.

Seats in front of the doors to the exit. The seats near the exit have more legroom, but this is achieved by seating in front of the doors. They do not recline at all or recline quite a bit.

Seats in the middle of the row. It is a pleasure to spend a few hours sandwiched between two strangers. Usually such places go to those who passed the registration at the last moment, so it is better to arrive at the airport in advance.

Front seats directly behind the partition. There's more legroom, but there's nowhere to put the bag. These seats are narrower than usual, because of the different design of the table for food, and the view from them opens to a bare wall. In addition, other passengers strive to use the space between this row and the partition as a passage.

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