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12 incredible rumors about Disneyland: which one is true

Disney theme parks are the most famous in the world. Due to the huge influence of Disney, as well as their seemingly above average commitment to the image of absolute perfection, rumors are circulating about parks. Rumors about how they achieve this "perfection", what things may not be so perfect. Although some of these rumors are completely false, some turned out to be absolutely true. Writes about it Reader's Digest.

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The giant turkey legs are actually made from emu meat

False! Yes, those turkey legs that people eat in Disney parks are huge, but they are turkeys. In particular, male turkeys, which, although less common than female turkeys, have larger legs. Not to mention that farm-grown turkeys may be slightly larger than wild turkeys, which believers in this myth are likely to use as a guideline for turkey size.

Emu legs would be much larger than turkey legs, Rob Place emphasizes. He attributes the popularity of the myth, in addition to its intriguing craziness, to the fact that many tourists in the United States have no idea how big an emu is. Importing emu meat will be difficult and costly, and mislabeling will be illegal.

You cannot be further than 30 steps from the urn

True! This myth suggests that Walt, while designing Disneyland, was desperate to prevent debris from appearing. So he visited other theme parks and watched how far people would go in search of a trash can before they just dumped the trash at their feet, and his magic number was 30 steps. While this part of the legend isn't really provable, it's true that trash cans are everywhere - and yet you won't notice how numerous they are, unless you're looking for them.

The “30 steps” rule is also, of course, quite subjective. A tiny baby could probably take 30 steps before reaching the urn. It is also worth noting that some versions of this myth say that this is true in all Disney parks.

Park takes your fingerprints to track you later

False. One of the Disney World security measures that puzzles fans and guests the most is the fingerprint scanner. This process has been going on for years, but in 2016 it received renewed scrutiny when the park began requiring prints from children as young as three (previously it was only for guests ten and up).

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No matter how you relate to this, you can be sure that the park will not track you. In fact, they do not even store your fingerprints; they connect them to the number, and then immediately remove the fingerprints themselves. And why do they do it? This is a measure to prevent ticket fraud. By uniquely combining a ticket with a person, they hope to stop people from selling tickets to someone else at a reduced price.

Cinderella's Castle at Disney World is a giant optical illusion

True! Cinderella's Castle - and Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle before it - brilliantly uses a "forced perspective" technique to make them look bigger than they really are. And it's not just castles that do this - many buildings (and supposed natural features like stone spiers!)

Parks use a forced perspective - but castles are the most famous, perhaps the most effective example of this. It works like this: the higher you climb these structures, the less windows and towers you see. While effective, this technique also gives the impression that the top of the castle is further away, making the castle generally taller. For example, Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle is only 77 feet (23,4 m), but it seems like it's much taller!

Disney Cast members can't say no

False. No matter how kind the Disney park workers are, this would be an ill-conceived, potentially dangerous rule. Cast members (the Disney pseudonym for all employees, regardless of whether they play a character or not), of course, can reject any requests that could pose a threat to the health or safety of a Cast member or guest.

And these are not just potentially unsafe situations. Cast members can, for example, refuse to travel with a guest (and should, if there is anything else that they should be doing at this time). And sometimes they just have to say no (or something like that); they cannot just lie.

“There are only certain circumstances (for example, where it would be rude or too harsh) when Cast members are strongly discouraged from saying no,” explains Disney expert Emily Reynolds. "They can say just one word 'no' as an answer, provided that it is the best answer, appropriate and respectful." However, there is a three-word phrase that Disney Cast members cannot say, "I don't know."

Mickey's Hidden Throughout the Park

True! As if there wasn’t enough fun between attractions, meetings and restaurants with delightful themes, Disney Imagineers also have fun hunting in the parks. In everything from paintings to fountains and cliffs, guests can see the “hidden Mickeys”: the characteristic shapes of the round head of Mickey Mouse with two smaller round ears. The next time you visit one of the parks, follow some and see how much you can notice!

Things that obviously should be in the form of Mickey, such as Mickey wafers or ice cream, do not count.

Cinderella Castle has a secret hotel room

True! This often photographed building, which is essentially synonymous with Disney World itself, is not only intended for display, there is a room where guests can stay. This suite is the only hotel room in Disney's Magic Kingdom. And although this is one of the secret places in Disney parks, the door is hidden in sight! You need to take the elevator to get access to the suite itself, and to be in it, you must be invited or win the lottery.

If you shout “Andy is on” in Toy Story Land, all the characters will die

False. It’s true that Disney Cast members love to create the most exciting experiences possible. Therefore, when rumors began to spread that the characters of Toy Story would instantly freeze or even fall to the ground, imitating real motionless toys, if someone shouted that their human “master” was approaching, they seemed plausible.

Rumor arose in 2013 as a meme that quickly became viral. But no, the characters won't do it. Some theorists claim that the original photograph of the meme was completely set. Others insist that yes, the Cast members did it at one point, but as soon as the meme became viral and the park guests started testing it all the time, the Cast members could not continue to do this for reasons of safety and sanity.

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Rumor had a new life when the Toy Story of Hollywood Studios was opened in 2018, but that's still a lie. If you say “Andy is coming” in relation to the character “Toy Story”, the character may say something like “Andy is in college!” Or look around in search of Andy, and then just shrug.

Disneyland has a restaurant with a 14-year waiting list

True! If you're a Disney park fan, you've probably heard of the five-star, ultra-exclusive Disneyland Club 33. To be able to eat there, you must be a valid member of Club 33 or be invited by one of them. Membership fees to join Club 33 are high - no less than $ 25 - and while the often pervasive "000-year wait" is a 14-year statistic, becoming a member is certainly not easy. You should reportedly write to Club 7 Services and then they will let you know if they are accepting members at all this year.

Disney World has a "Disney Dome" to keep rain and mosquitoes inside the park

False. Disney is truly immune (or nearly immune) to many of the normal technical issues and elements associated with nature. This is not because of the dome, but because of careful planning. They have an incredibly thorough regime to protect against mosquitoes. The park’s industrial infrastructure helps minimize power outages. And they established no-fly zones to prevent planes from flying too close to parks.

American flags on US main street are not real flags

True. Yes, most of the flags on Main Street in the USA lack a few stars. The often cited reason for this is that it is illegal to leave the American flag around the clock; at sunset you must clear the flags. So Disney uses unofficial flags.

There is one more reason. The main US street in the park is supposed to give the feel of a turn-of-the-century American city. And at the turn of the century, the American flag really didn't have 50 stars; Utah became a 45th state in 1896. Finally, two of Main Street's flags are modern, 50-star flags: the large one on the flagpole in front, and the flag at the Main Street train station.

Walt is buried under the disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean

False. There are several variations of this popular rumor park. Some say that Walt Disney, who died in 1966, is buried under the park that he built, without specifying where. Some insist that it is the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Others say that he is not just buried, but cryogenically frozen, because of his desire to potentially resurrect in the future, where it was scientifically possible.

Still others say that not all of his body is frozen, but only his head. None of this is true. Walt Disney was cremated two days after his death, and even his remains are nowhere to be found in Disney Park. They are buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.

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