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11 things that you absolutely cannot save on in the US

From such an obvious thing as insurance for a car to something as unexpected as toilet paper - we will tell you what experts strongly advise against saving money, so as not to pay more in the end.

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1. Auto insurance

A common situation is that you choose the minimum coverage required by country or state law. It may seem like savings here and now, but if an accident happens, you end up paying a lot out of pocket in the end. Go Banking Rates.

“Paying for car insurance is not something people like, but trying to save money on your policy can really cost you dearly,” says insurance agent, auto insurance expert Neil Richardson.

For example, if you live in Texas and you have a minimum coverage of 25 thousand dollars for material damage, but you drove into someone's new truck worth 50 thousand, you may have to pay the difference yourself.

  • What experts recommend

Richardson recommends adding coverage to your plan, such as comprehensive (protects against non-collision damage) and collision (against damage from collisions) if you own a car that is not too devalued, and an uninsured motorist (in case the second participant of the accident is not insured) and ample liability (insurance with wide coverage). You can reduce costs by getting a discount for combining several insurance policies - for example, for home and car, in the same company. Ask your insurer for trouble-free driving discounts and other driver benefits.

2. Car repair

When repairing a car, it is important to save money without risking life and health. There are things you can't skimp on, says Nicole Fireboe, an auto repair and maintenance expert based in Marion, Illinois. First, you should do your own research before purchasing any parts to make sure you get what you need.

  • What experts recommend

"Installing the wrong parts in a car can cause parts to wear out faster or damage other parts," says the specialist. Check the warranty for any purchase of this nature. “It could be an additional $ 50 for five years on top of the normal warranty, but that's another five years when you're protected. It is important to make sure you are aware of what the warranty implies. "

Finally, do not do everything yourself, even trying to save.

“Even if you've watched a YouTube video or got some advice from a local auto service expert, some things are best left to a professional,” says Firebo, adding that many mechanics will provide parts and labor warranties, which provide additional protection.

3. Additional homeowners insurance

The hurricanes that cover different regions of the United States every year remind you that saving on insurance can lead to your complete inability to recover property after a natural disaster. Standard homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage; This type of policy must be purchased through the national program (we wrote about how to insure your housing and property against floods).

According to a 2016 survey by the Information Insurance Institute, only 12% of homeowners nationwide have flood insurance policies. According to FEMA, it costs on average about $ 700 per year. It may seem expensive, but the payment for such insurance reaches $ 31. And if you live outside the high-risk area, you can get coverage for as little as $ 000 per year.

  • What experts recommend

Standard insurance does not provide coverage for other disasters such as earthquakes, mudflows and landslides. Experts advise you to study your policy - in some cases, you can add additional coverage in case of disasters.

4. Home repair

Cheap home repairs can be a costly mistake. In particular, do not be stingy with everything related to water leakage, recommends financial planning expert Justin Pritchard.

“Water can cause rot and mold, and fixing these problems is expensive,” says Pritchard, who had this experience in his own home. "In addition to repairing water damage, you will have to replace drywall, paint and other finishing costs." If you ignore the problems, you may have problems selling your home.

  • What experts recommend

To reduce costs, Pritchard recommends asking the contractor what problems can be solved in advance: then you will not have to pay him for every hour of classes with other tasks, except for fixing the problem. Consider buying high quality materials; it may cost more, but cheaper materials may need to be replaced soon.

Be careful with offers from contractors that will appear on your doorstep, offering to make repairs at "favorable" prices. They can be fraudsters who use hazardous materials or just run off with money. Find out how reliable companies are and whether they are insured before allowing their employees to enter your home.

5. Tenant insurance

If you rent a house, you should not try to save money by refusing to insure the tenant. Mike Delgado, smm-director at Experian's credit bureau, said that he had made a mistake without buying such insurance.

“I thought I was living frugally, without paying monthly for insurance,” he said. "And then someone got into my garage and stole my not-so-modest mountain bike."

  • What experts recommend

Don't rely on your homeowner's insurance policy to cover your personal property — most likely it doesn't. The renter's policy will be able to pay for the repair or replacement of your items if they are damaged or stolen. The cost is only $ 15 to $ 30 per month.

“I could save a few thousand dollars by paying just $ 12 a month,” Delgado said.

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6. Security items

When it comes to your safety or the safety of your family, choosing the cheapest products can be very dangerous. For example, a properly made bicycle helmet, which sits as it should, can save lives and prevent brain injuries, says cyclist and blogger Julie Raines.

  • What experts recommend

“I have friends who hit their head on the sidewalk at 15-20 mph and stayed undamaged,” she said, adding that the best place to buy a helmet is from a bike store, where you can get help to put it on and show you how to wear it. it properly.

It doesn't have to be the most expensive, high quality racing helmet. Instead, ask for a good helmet at an affordable price - maybe even last year's model.

7. Hair care

If you cut your hair or dye it cheaply - at best, it will have to be redone by paying again. At worst, you can seriously ruin your hair. According to stylist and beauty salon owner Beth Kessler, she gets at least one call a day from a new client asking her to redo a bad haircut or fix a bad color.

Recovery will cost both time and money. According to Kessler, color correction can cost half the price if you immediately sign up for a master who specializes in what you want.

  • What experts recommend

To find an experienced stylist, Kessler recommends asking friends about who cuts and paints them, how much it costs and how difficult it is to enroll. You may be able to reduce costs if the salon takes an extra charge for hair styling after the haircut, which is unnecessary for you. You can save money with inexpensive cosmetic life hacks, but it is important to make sure that the changes are easily eliminated if something went wrong. With a hair color such number precisely will not pass.

8. Mattresses

“A good mattress is expensive, so many people think that choosing the cheapest option is not so bad,” says Joseph Hogue, investment analyst and blogger. "But you will spend a third of the day on the mattress, and a good night's sleep is of great importance."

Buying a good mattress means not only comfort, but also the fact that you get a quality product that will last for several years. A good queen size mattress can cost at least 1000 dollars.

  • What experts recommend

Try to shop like this on certain days, Hog recommends. For example, look for discount mattresses for the holidays. Labor Day and Memorial Day are particularly auspicious days for this purpose. Also try to bargain for a better price whenever possible.

9. Footwear

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, it's worth buying only quality shoes, says Brent Shelton, an online shopping expert. "Shoes made from quality materials will last longer and stay comfortable longer."

According to WebMD, quality shoes are especially important during recreational walking or jogging, playing sports. If you have bad sneakers, it is easy to get hurt.

  • What experts recommend

There are ways to reduce the cost of quality shoes. According to Shelton, it is worthwhile to conduct your own research and study the reviews of the most popular shoe models for your needs and lifestyle. You can set up alerts on social networks and discount sites to receive updates about brands and stores.

10. Grass Seeds for lawn

If you want your lawn to look better and not cost you a pretty penny, don't make the mistake of buying cheap seeds, ”says Brian Clayton, CEO of GreenPal, a lawn care company. The reason for the low prices for some seeds is that 10 to 20% of the seeds contain weeds.

  • What experts recommend

“Don't try to skimp on the seed you buy for your lawn,” Clayton says, adding that you don't want to waste your energy planting seed just to get weed-strewn grass. “So do yourself a favor. Spend a few extra dollars on quality seeds. You will thank yourself for that next spring. "

11. Toilet paper

Buying cheap toilet paper is literally flushing money down the drain.

“When buying cheap single-ply toilet paper, people end up using a lot more of it,” Shelton said. This means that you have to buy it more often.

In addition, cheap toilet paper is made with fewer fibers and may not function well, says savings expert Kendal Perez. “This is the product that you expect to do well,” she added.

  • What experts recommend

Choose two-layer or three-layer toilet paper, which is more expensive but saves you money: you don't have to use as much. You can win by buying it in bulk - you can save up to 30%. It is also worth looking for toilet paper coupons on the appropriate sites, and stocking up on sales.

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