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11 the best travel lifehacks from stewardesses

СThuessesses fly a lot, so they have a lot of opportunities to hone their travel skills.

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Six flight attendants told Business Insider about their best travel life hacks. Most requested anonymity for fear of reprisal from their employer.

Here's what they said:

Read the fine print when buying a ticket

“It is worth reading all these small print in these disclaimers,” said the Spirit Airlines flight attendant. "It can save money on your carry-on luggage."

Use Skyscanner to find the lowest rates.

“I found a lot of great deals there,” said the stewardess Spirit of Skyscanner.

Always bring a bottle of water with you.

“I always travel with a refillable bottle,” said a Delta Air Lines flight attendant. "Every airport, at least in the US, has a place to fill a water bottle."

Always bring a portable charger with you

“I always travel with a portable charger,” said the Delta flight attendant. “Not all airports have chargers or outlets, or you won't be able to get to them, and some older planes don't have them at all, or there will be only a few in a row.”

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Do not pack too much

“Make sure you don't pack too much when you travel,” said a United Airlines flight attendant.

Get to the airport in advance

“Give yourself plenty of time, because feeling rushed will just make your travel experience more stressful than it needs to be,” said the stewardess.

Travel in the morning

“I advise people to travel in the morning,” said Kevin Kane, a PSA steward. “Evening is when delays increase during the day.”

Bring your own entertainment

“Always bring some fun and exercise with you,” Kane said. "Sometimes you won't have Wi-Fi on your plane, so it's always a good idea to download something offline on Netflix or bring an iPad if you have one."

Ask for another cup when serving ice

“Whenever ice is served to you, ask them to serve it with a different cup, because the ice scoop isn't really very clean,” said a regional airline flight attendant who works with United Airlines and American Airlines.

Do not drink hot tea or coffee.

“Don't drink coffee. Don't drink hot tea. The water is not the best, ”said a regional airline stewardess.

Get ready for anything

“Travel is unpredictable,” said an Alaska Airlines flight attendant. "You never know what's going to happen."

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