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US plans to make changes to the system of prevention of terrorism

US Secretary of Homeland Security Jay Johnson said a new terrorism prevention system would be unveiled in the coming days. According to Johnson, this strategy reflects a "new phase" of the terrorist threat.

Now the absence of specific information from intelligence - regarding the planned terrorist attacks - will not mean the absence of a threat as such, Johnson said.

As you know, a week before terrorist attack in San Bernardino, which killed 14 people, US President Barack Obama said that intelligence does not have any data on the presence of an immediate threat to the country.

Minister Jay Johnson, speaking on Monday at a conference on the online portal Defense One, said that the new system provides for an "intermediate terrorist threat."

After the attacks on the USA 11 September 2001, Johnson’s predecessor adopted a frequently criticized code warning system using color codes. It was replaced by a two-tier National Terrorist Assistance System (NTAS), but because of the very high level of prevention of terrorist attacks, it was never used.

After the commentary of Jay Johnson, a spokesman for the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) clarified that this is about amending the already existing NTAS, which will make it more efficient for society, and not about creating a completely new system.

As "Forum" wrote, two cases of massacres - one in Paristhe other in California - forced American leaders who are looking for ways to prevent new attacks to pay attention to two entry possibilities on the territory of the United States.

The first is a visa for grooms and brides K-1, which was used by Tashfin Malik, who attacked the medical center in San Bernardino, and about 25 thousands more people. Another way is a visa-free entry program that covers a much larger number of people and allows citizens of 38 countries to come to the US for up to 90 days.

According to the Minister of National Security Jay Johnson, the terrorists manage to “attract third parties to terrorist attacks against the United States,” which requires a completely different approach. The US authorities reportedly intend to work more with the Muslim communities in the country - in particular, to ensure that its representatives are more active in notifying law enforcement agencies about the presence of radical people in their ranks.

Obama in his sunday appeal to american citizens said the US has strengthened its defense against terrorist threats, and the FBI continues to gather facts about what happened in the state of California.

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