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10 amazing facts about the USA, little known even to Americans

Author of the channel "Ruso Turisto" on "Yandex.Zen" invites you to find out interesting facts about the USA, which even the inhabitants of this country themselves are not always aware of.

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1. The President of the United States is the deadliest profession in the world

If you care about a long and peaceful life that is backed by a quiet retirement, you should not run for the presidency of the United States. Statistics clearly show that of all professions in America, the work of the President of the United States stands out with the highest mortality rate. Of the 45 presidents who have held office so far, eight have died. Four were killed, four died of natural causes. In other words, every fifth presidency ends in death. 18% is an exceptionally high mortality rate.

2. The United States Declaration of Independence was signed ... by the British

In accordance with the Declaration of Independence of 1776, the United States rejected the supremacy of Great Britain and established itself as a separate state. As you might guess, the signers who signed on July 4th were not born in America. There were also nine British-born people - two English, two Scots, two Irish, two Northern Irish and one Welsh.

3. Americans produce huge amounts of garbage

Sooner or later, we will all drown in trash. What once seemed like an exaggeration has become a real prospect. Wherever a person appears, he leaves piles of garbage. But not surprising, given the huge amount of waste generated. In the case of the Americans, which can be safely considered an example from the negative range of the scale, statistics is inexorable. The average resident of the United States produces 2 kg of waste per day!

4. According to the rules of democracy, American cows should be given the right to vote.

It turns out that not only in India, the cow is considered a shrine. In the USA too. And not because of the large number of Hindus living in America, and not for religious reasons. On the contrary, all culinary considerations decide. Simply put, steaks. Nine states have more cows than the entire population. These are Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma and Wyoming. If a cow rebellion occurs instead of a machine rebellion, these states will have the worst chances of survival.

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5. The longest promenade in the world is in Atlantic City

Over 7 kilometers long, Atlantic City's waterfront is proud to be called the longest in the world. Created in 1870, it was also the first of its kind in the United States. Although today it is surrounded by numerous casinos, restaurants and shops, the waterfront originally had a slightly different, more practical function. The idea was for sunbathers to bring less sand to hotels. The need to go through a specific area was supposed to help get rid of excess dust. In other words, the Americans had dirty feet, so they built a boardwalk.

6. From poverty to millions, the road is longer than it seems

America is considered the place where it is easiest to fulfill your dream and get rich. It turns out that many truths are that "if you have no debts and you have at least some money in your portfolio, you are already richer than most people." According to statistics, one resident of the United States accounts for 54 thousand dollars of debt. The New York Federal Reserve estimates that 167 people currently have student debt in excess of $ 000. We are talking about people who did not even have time to enter the labor market and are already embroiled in a credit spiral.

7. Uncle Sam really existed

Uncle Sam is a joking name sometimes referred to as the United States. Over time - due to posters urging people to join the army - Uncle Sam's character took on his face. However, it's worth knowing that Uncle Sam did exist. It was Samuel Wilson, a meat factory worker known for his jovial disposition, who in time was appointed chief inspector for the supply of meat for the American army. His name was Uncle Sam.

8. Drivers participating in NASCAR races do not need to have a driver’s license

If you look closely at the rules, you will notice an interesting thing - you do not need to have a valid driver's license to participate in NASCAR races. In fact, what's so strange about it ... turn left all the time and every fool can. The competition is open to both drivers who have never had a driver's license, and those from whom they were taken.

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9. Why wait for a raise if you can take a loan and change jobs

In many places around the world, similar changes are taking place - rather than waiting in good faith for promotions, serving the same company for almost a lifetime, people are more and more willing to take matters into their own hands. In the United States, statistics are particularly pronounced in this regard. Most Americans spend less than five years in one job, taking every opportunity to get a higher salary or benefit. BLS data shows that the average American between 18 and 42 changes jobs 10 times!

10. You Can Really Get Lost in the Library of Congress

Everyone understands that the Library of Congress in Washington is big, but hardly anyone knows how big. In 2015, it was estimated that there are 162 million documents in her collection, and every day there are 15 thousand more. The Library of Congress is thus the largest library in the world. This is almost 1350 kilometers of books, lined up one after another - this distance corresponds to the distance between Houston and Chicago.

Original column published on the blog. "Ruso Turisto" on "Yandex.Zen".

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