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10 the most beautiful US national parks according to those who have visited them all

From national peaks to sand dunes, US national parks have a lot to offer visitors. Two travel photographers Rene and Matthew Heinel spent 7 months traveling through all the national parks of the United States and decided to share their impressions, highlighting the 10 most beautiful of them.

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During the interview Travel + Leisure both travelers rated their favorite parks based on opportunities, trails, landscapes, photography, transportation, and crowds. Here are the results in descending order.

Grant Tithon National Park, Wyoming

This park was chosen for its stunning scenery, amazing wildlife and close proximity to Jackson. The Heinels said one of the most memorable moments on their journey was watching the dawn light up the mountains from their camp.

Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

First of several Alaska parks on this list, it is known for its incredible glacial landscape. Compared to other parks in the state, Kenai Fjords is relatively accessible - the fjords can be explored by boat, plane or on foot. Even in the middle of summer, the couple felt like they were alone in the desert exploring this park.

Rangel St Elias National Park and Reserve, Alaska

This national park is the largest in the United States, and its vast size means that it has a lot of natural beauty. Although some parts of the park can only be reached by plane or on foot, you can still enter the area by car to explore more accessible areas. Heinels said flying to the park and observing the glaciers was one of the most memorable moments of their trip.

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Denali National Park and Reserve, Alaska

Huge mountains and grizzly bears are what you'll find in this stunning park. Denali National Park and Preserve is home to the highest mountain peak in North America, which is impressive in its own right, but the wildlife you can see during your visit makes this park a must-see for animal lovers. The Heinels described the park as "an African safari in Alaska."

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Despite the summer crowds, the Heinels marked Mount Rainier National Park among their favorites because of its outstanding beauty. Photographers described it as “one of the most magical places in the world” at a time when all wildflowers were blooming. Professional Tips: Avoid crowds at the park’s most popular viewing points when setting off during the peak summer season.

Yosemite National Park, California

The couple appreciated another classic park, beloved by many, as No. 6 in their squeak. Yosemite is famous for the incredible landscapes of ancient sequoia trees and giant granite rocks. Photographers recommend getting away from a crowded valley and taking a scenic walk or hike along one of the park’s less visited trails.

Glacier Bay National Forest, Alaska

In this national park, you will be amazed at the spectacular Alaskan glaciers. You can visit the Glacier Bay National Park and Nature Reserve by boat to get to know more about its famous glaciers and spectacularly rugged coast, or explore the surroundings on foot.

Glacier National Park, Montana

Do not confuse with the previous park in the list. This Montana National Park offers a completely unique experience. Having assigned him 8 a place in the list of the best national parks, Heinels note that the park has always been one of their favorites. Due to its northern location and extreme climate, this park is ideal for visiting from May to September, when it is fully open to visitors. Embark on a journey along the famous road leading to the sun to enjoy unforgettable landscapes and keep your eyes on the bears and mountain goats!

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Kathmay National Forest, Alaska

Katmai is a huge national park with incredible landscapes, and its main attraction is brown bears. The park has a sheltered observation deck, so visitors can watch the bears catch salmon at the top of Brooks Falls. This unique experience is a must for animal lovers.

Lake Clark National Park, Alaska

Rounding out the list of 10 best national parks according to the Heinel family is National Park and Lake Clark Nature Reserve. The couple said they would put it on the list above if the park were more accessible, but keep in mind that the park’s remote location is part of its charm.

Other candidates on the Heinelles list of favorites include Olympic National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Kings Canyon National Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. At the same time, the couple notes that each park is certainly worth a visit, and the best park for you, quite possibly the one that is closer.

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