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10 charming lakes in New York, which are worth seeing before the end of summer

What could be nicer than spending time near the water on a hot summer day. New York State is rich in natural attractions - the region contains many picturesque lakes.

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Edition Only in Your State chose the ten most charming of them.

1. Lake George, Warren County

The huge lake with hundreds of islands offers many options for summer fun on the water. This reservoir rightfully earned the glory of the King of American Lakes.

2. Lake Blue Mountain, Indian Lake

This lake in Hamilton County offers a lot of entertainment, including swimming, fishing, as well as the opportunity to climb the mountain, from the top of which offers stunning views of the water and forest.

3. Lake Champlain, Plattsburgh

The huge Lake Champlain is located in the states of New York, Vermont, and Canada. Its most important attraction are the amazing views that you will remember for a long time after visiting the reservoir.

4. Fulton Lakes, Adirondack Park

The line of 8 lakes is a great recreation area in the summer. Fishing, incredible camping and more await you here.

5. Lake North South, District Green

This charming landmark has become a very popular camping site in recent years. Around the lake you can find more 200 points for camping.

6. Lake Tiorati, Harriman Park

The shores of Lake Tiorati are the perfect place to cool off in hot weather and enjoy nature. This artificial lake is a great spot for fishing or boating.

7. Lake Cranberry, St. Lawrence County

The third largest lake in Adirondack Park. He was long chosen by the locals, because there are fantastic camping sites near the pond.

8. Lake Racket, Hamilton County

The largest natural lake is Adirondaka, which has almost 100 miles (160 km) of coastline.

9. Green Lakes Park, Manlius

The attractive color of the waters of this lake will surprise any visitor. In addition, there are many hiking trails around which offer enchanting views.

10. Cooper Lake, Woodstock

The largest natural lake in the Catskills is a great summer picnic spot. Swimming and fishing are prohibited here, but you will be overwhelmed by the surrounding views, mountains and nature, so you will definitely not be bored.

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