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10 unexpected things you can buy at Costco

Many people know that in the Costco chain of stores you can buy almost anything. As it turned out, “almost” in this phrase is superfluous - you can buy everything and even more at Costco.

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Edition Reader's Digest collected a list of goods that can be found on the shelves of this store, although many do not even know about it.

Travel Packages

In addition to the fact that you can stock up on bars, toilet paper and pasta for life, Costco will also help you plan your next trip. Network club members can enter the page. Costco Travel and check out the long list of travel packages that include airfare. Among the offers there are cruises and even safaris.


According to the National Association of Directors of Funeral Services, in 2014, the average cost of an adult’s funeral was 7 181 dollar. But Costco can help save even in this case. The retailer sells various coffins at prices ranging from 1299 to 2199 dollars.

Flowers and Bouquets

You have a limited budget, but you want to create a bouquet to surprise someone special for you? Do not go further than your local costco. The store sells 50 roses for 39 dollars and 5000 rose petals for 69 dollars. They even have a whole department dedicated to wedding bouquets and other themed flower arrangements.

Food delivery

If you want to register with a food delivery service, such as, for example, Blue Apron or Nutrisystem, you should first purchase a gift card for these services through Costco. You can get a discount on a gift card, which means that you practically make money. For example, a $ 100 gift card will cost you $ 79.

Wedding ring

Costco's most expensive engagement ring will cost you $ 419 999,99. And you can't just go to the nearest store and buy it. You must first send an email to, since we can only assume that this purchase will require a serious check of your credit history.


For just 2199 dollars at Costco, you can purchase a ground pool, including steps, winter cover, and a maintenance kit. And, of course, in the store you will also find large containers with chlorine and detergent for cleaning the pool.

Annual supply of non-perishable food

Worried about the zombie apocalypse? Go to Costco and purchase an emergency supply of Nutristore for an emergency. The products in the package will be usable for 25 years, the set includes enough food for you and everyone else who will be in your bunker to eat 1200 calories per day. It will cost you 999 dollars, but when it comes to zombies, it’s better to be prepared.

Designer Bag

If you've never associated Costco with luxury, then you've never visited the bag section of this store. The retailer offers bags from designers such as Coach, Kate Spade and Michael Kors - at special prices for members only.

Vagyu Beef Steak

Wagyu Ribeye Steak at Costco is priced at 100 dollars per pound (450 g) and promises "a complex beef flavor that you will remember long after you eat it."

Gym membership

If you don’t want to use one of the many treadmill or elliptical system options sold at Costco, try purchasing a gym membership package online. The store offers discounts on sports halls such as All-Club Sport and Mountainside Fitness.

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