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10 unexpected facts about mass executions in America

The fact of mass shooting has become so common in the news that it is difficult to stay up to date with each new incident.

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According to recent article в New York Times only in the summer of 2019, there were 26 mass shootings, which killed 126 people. It is no secret that this type of violence has become a problem in the United States, but there is no consensus on how to reduce deaths from the use of weapons.

Reader's Digest collected the most amazing facts and figures, as well as some expert comments that will help us understand this data.

Young Americans more likely to die from gun violence than in other countries

In the new report published by the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, it says that young Americans between the ages of 15 and 24 are 50 times more likely to die from gun violence than in any other economically comparable country. Only in 2017, more than 40 000 Americans perished from injuries weapon related. 2 500 of the victims were schoolchildren. That year, more people died from firearms for the first time than in car accidents.

Most shooters are white men

The vast majority of executions are carried out by men. In fact, according to Rockefeller Government Institute, men make up 96 percent of the mass shooters. The average age of participants in mass executions is 33,4 of the year, most of them (53,9 percent) are white.

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In mass shootings, pistols are most often used.

Between 1982 and 2019 for years, the gun was most often used during mass executions. If we talk about recent cases, then they used assault rifles.

Most mass shootings take place at workplaces and in schools.

According to Rockefeller Government Institute, 57,3% of mass executions occur in the workplace (29,7%) and in schools (27,6%).

Weapon violence costs America $ 229 billion a year

This type of violence is not only fatal, but also costly. In fact, according to the report of the Joint Economic Committee, it absorbs 229 billion dollars a year.

Five of the deadliest mass executions in 15 years

Five mass executions, which led to the greatest loss of life, occurred from 2007 year. But why so? According to Joseph Hoelscher, Managing Attorney Hoelscher Gebbia Ceped PLLC, mass shooters are not like other criminals who seek to kill a specific person or people, guided by a specific motive, such as revenge for personal insult or because of gang-related policies.

Publicity and fame can be a decisive factor.

Mass shooting immediately gets into the top news. In some cases, the shooter becomes a famous figure. “All mass shooters strive for publicity and fame, and also want to surpass the previous shooter,” says MD, Sherry Campbell, author of several books.

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Mass skirmishes can cause imitation

When it comes to mass executions, the effect of imitation becomes real.

Mass shooters in childhood suffered domestic violence

Studies have shown that many mass shooters share a story of hatred of women or outright misogyny on online forums.

The link between mental illness and gun violence is very low

According to Exploration American Psychological Association, published in the journal Law and human behaviorPeople with serious mental illness commit only about three percent of violent crimes.

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