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10 The Best Russian Restaurants in New York

In multicultural New York, both Russians and Ukrainians have firmly established themselves. Following this, cafes, restaurants and bars appeared here, where you can try all your favorite olivier, vinaigrette, pickle and okroshka, as well as drink a glass of vodka. Top 10 of such institutions are published on the site TripAdvisor.

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Mari vanna

Restaurant Mari Vanna is placed in the first position of the rating.

The institution offers its guests dishes of Russian, European and Eastern European cuisines. On the menu you will find various salads and snacks, beloved vinaigrette and olivier, pickle, okroshka and much more.

The restaurant is located in the Flatiron area, 1,1 kilometers from Manhattan Skyline.

According to one of the visitors, this is a wonderful restaurant with real Russian traditions. “Very tasty and very colorful. Were at lunch, I think for dinner you need to book a table. Russian speaking staff. You can (take food. - Ed.) Takeaway in a very convenient package. It was very tasty and sincere! ”- says in the message body.

Address: 41 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003-1324.

Russian Vodka Room

The Russian Vodka Room bar was on the second rung of the rating. It offers both Russian and Eastern European cuisine. The menu is also suitable for vegetarians: it serves julienne with mushrooms, cereals, pies and other dishes.

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This bar is located in the Theater District near Times Square.

As visitors to the institution, this is a small bar with live music, where you can "sit with friends and drink vodka."

In addition, as visitors say, Americans love to be in this “amazing place”.

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Also on Monday, Russian jazz musicians play in this bar. “Starting with the restaurant’s residents - pianist Misha Tsyganov and double bass player Dima Kolesnik and ending with all our New York musicians living and musicians who unexpectedly arrived from Russia on tour,” one of the visitors noted in his comments.

Also, cups with seeds are arranged around the bar, which “sets up for the right wave: you are among your own, almost at home,” said the visitor.

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“And even a couple of sausages with potatoes, produced of course in the States, for some reason are very reminiscent of their homeland. Yes, and the abundance of the Russian-speaking audience ... I love this place very much! Each visit is 1-2 times! And I recommend it to all travelers, ”the regular said with enthusiasm.

Address: 265 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019-5803.

Russian Samovar

This is a restaurant of European, Russian and Eastern European cuisines, which also have dishes for vegetarians. The menu has a traditional Russian salad, borsch, meatball soup, olivier, fur coat, Granny salad, roast and much more.

It is noted that the staff of the institution is Russian-speaking. Moreover, among the visitors there are not only Russians, but also people of other nationalities, although there are a huge number of bars, cafes and restaurants on this street.

Address: 256 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019-5821.

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