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10 best US cities to buy a home

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The calculations took into account the average cost of rental housing, the size of mortgage payments and the cost of buying a home. The break-even indicator was calculated on the basis of how much rental payments exceed the cost of buying a home in a particular city.

Tampa, FL

Average monthly rent: $ 1349

Average monthly mortgage payments: $ 776

Average house price: $ 191536

Break-even indicator: 4,1

Tampa, FL Photo: Depositphotos

Charlotte, North Carolina

Average monthly rent: $ 1168

Average monthly mortgage payments: $ 757

Average house price: $ 186693

Break-even indicator: 4,1

Charlotte, North Carolina. Photo: Depositphotos

Atlanta, Georgia

Average monthly rent: $ 1 263

Average monthly mortgage payments: $ 823

Average house price: $ 202 969

Break-even indicator: 4,1

Atlanta, GA. Photo: Depositphotos

Miami, FL

Average monthly rent: $ 1 722

Average monthly mortgage payments: $ 1 013

Average house price: $ 249952

Break-even indicator: 4,0

Miami, Florida Photos: Depositphotos

Baltimore, MD

Average monthly rent: $ 1599

Average monthly mortgage payments: $ 995

Average house price: $ 245453

Break-even indicator: 3,8

Baltimore, MD Photo: Depositphotos

Austin, Texas

Average monthly rent: $ 1454

Average monthly mortgage payments: $ 742

Average house price: $ 183134

Break-even indicator: 3,7

Austin, Texas Photos: Depositphotos

St. Louis, MO

Average monthly rent: $ 1131

Average monthly mortgage payments: $ 667

Average house price: $ 164493

Break-even indicator: 3,6

St. Louis, Missouri Photos: Depositphotos

Dallas, Texas

Average monthly rent: $ 1302

Average monthly mortgage payments: $ 594

Average house price: $ 146616

Break-even indicator: 3,2

Dallas, Texas Photos: Depositphotos

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Average monthly rent: $ 1414

Average monthly mortgage payments: $ 640

Average house price: $ 157802

Break-even indicator: 2,9

Philadelphia, PA. Photo: Depositphotos

Detroit, Michigan

Average monthly rent: $ 1206

Average monthly mortgage payments: $ 432

Average house price: $ 106456

Break-even indicator: 2,6

Detroit, Michigan Photos:

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